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i think it is historical fiction.

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Q: What is the genre of the book Elephant Run?
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What genre is the book Run Away Home?

The book "Run Away Home" falls under the genre of young adult fiction.

What is the genre of elephant run?

it runs very fast because its running to the bathroom cuz its butt is full of poop

What is the time period in the book elephant run?

Late 1930s to early 1940s.

Where does the book elephant run take place?

it takes place in London , New York

Who is Magwe in Elephant run?

who is magwe from elephant run

Who is the author of Elephant Run?

Roland Smith wrote Elephant Run.

What genre is the book run away by wendelin van draanen?

Adventure, drama, fiction, and realistic fiction

What is the genre for the book Pie?

The genre for The book 'PIE' is realistic fiction.

When was Elephant Run created?

Elephant Run was created on 2007-09-25.

What is the genre in the story Loser?

the book genre for the book LOSER is realistic fiction!

What the elephant in jungle book called?

that elephant in jungle book is called fat but

Does an elephant run?