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Q: What is the german word for fetch?
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How do you say fetch in German?

fetch = holen fetch = bringen

Do German shepherds fetch?


How do you spell holet?

The spelling holet is a conjugation of the German verb holen (to fetch).The transposition is the word "hotel" (an inn or lodging).

What is the Hawaiian word for fetch?

fetch = ki'i

What is a synonym for the word fetch?

The word "fetch" has the synonyms retrieve, convey, or deliver.

What is the Igbo word for fetch?

The Igbo word for "fetch" of the Western African origin is kuta.

What is a sample sentence for the word fetch?

You want to play fetch boy?

How can you use the word fetch in sentence?

Would you be a dear and fetch me a drink?

What does the word hello mean?

it originated as hallo, an Old High German use of their verb 'to fetch', used to hail a ferryman (presumably when you wanted to take the ferry)

Is fetch a noun?

Yes, the word "fetch" can be used as a noun. Example: I played a game of fetch with my dog.Fetch can also be a verb. Example: Please fetch my slippers for me.

What are four sentences for the word fetch?

I had to fetch his leash.Fetch some water from the well. To fetch is to get an item. She thought he would fetch her slippers.

Can you write a sentence using the word fetch?

Go fetch the water bucket, please