What is the gerund phrase in this sentence 'These shoes are for jogging'?

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for jogging

The gerund is jogging, in the prepositional phrase "for jogging." The gerund is a noun here.
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What is a gerund phrase?

gerund phrases: A gerund is a verb form which functions as a noun and ends in -ing (e.g. asking in do you mind my asking you? ). A gerund phrase will begin with a gerund, an ing word, and might include other modifiers and/or objects. Gerund phrases always function as nouns, so they will b ( Full Answer )

What is a direct object in a gerund phrase?

A gerund phrase cannot have a direct object, but it can functionas a direct object, since gerunds function as nouns in a sentence. Dad hates cutting the grass . Dad loves fishing on Saturdays . Mom hates nagging Dad . Mom loves hugging Dad .

What is gerund phrase?

a gerund phrase conists of a gerund plus its modifiers and complements .like a gerund ,the entire pharse is uesd as a noun

Examples of gerund phrase?

A gerund phrase consists of a gerund (a verbal noun easilyidentifiable by its "ing" ending) and various modifiers and/orobjects. Examples are countless and include the following: "Runningon the beach [verb]..."; "Flying kites on a windy day [verb]...";"Eating before going for a swim [verb]...."

Is you are going home a gerund phrase?

No. "Are going" is one of the forms of the verb to go. You go, you do go, you are going. A gerund phrase would be: Going home to see mom always pleases me. "Going home" acts as a noun subject in that sentence.

Is the sentence an interesting novel provides good entertainment a gerund phrase?

If the "phrase" you are quoting is this: "an interesting novel provides good entertainment" it is not a phrase; it is a complete sentence. Therefore it would not be considered something called a "gerund phrase." A phrase is simple a group of words without both a noun or finite verb. In your example, ( Full Answer )

Does the following sentence form a gerund phrase The laughing boy sat down?

No, the sentence does not contain (or form) a gerund phrase. A gerund is a verb in - ing form acting as a noun . Gerunds can be subjects, objects, or objects of prepositions. Examples of gerunds and gerund phrases as subjects: Eating is fun. (gerund) Eating spinach is good for you. (g ( Full Answer )

What is a gerunds and gerund phrases?

A gerund is a noun formed by adding -ing to a verb. For example: 'Singing makes me happy.' 'His hobby was playing the violin.' 'My mother likes taking photographs.' A gerund phrase is a noun phrase that contains a gerund, such as 'playing the violin' and 'taking photographs'.

Why cant a jogging shoe talk?

It's not that a jogging shoe can't talk it's just that jogging shoes tend to be anti-social. However if you wish to get a shoe that would talk I would get a tennis shoe.

Is fishing a gerund phrase?

Fishing can either be a gerund phrase or a participial depending on how you use it in a sentence. For example, "Fishing is fun." is a sentence in which fishing is used as a gerund. To use fishing as a participial an example would be, "When I go camping I like to use my fishing gear." In the first se ( Full Answer )

What are gerund phrases?

A gerund phrase is form of a phrase that starts by using a gerundword with an â??ing and consist of objects and modifiers. A gerundis a noun but operates as a verb.

What is an gerund phrase function?

"Gerund" is a grammatical term for a verb that is used as a noun, for example in the sentence "I like running" in which case "running" is a gerund.

Are gerund phrase considered as sentence?

A gerund phrase is not considered a sentence. See below:. waiting for the bus (a gerund phrase, not a complete sentence). While waiting for the bus, I like to listen to music. (complete sentence)

5 example of gerund phrase As the subject?

A gerund is a verb form ending in "-ing" that is used in a sentenceas a noun rather than as the verb. Some examples of gerunds as thesubjects of sentences appear below. Knowing the truth has helped them a lot. Helping the poor has always been his main goal. Raising children can be a very tiring pro ( Full Answer )

Create a sentence that uses a gerund?

\n"READING classics is a good habit, which goes a long way in widening the intellectual horizons of an individual." In this sentence, READING is gerund, which is formed by putting a suffix of -ing to the verb 'read', that acts as a noun.

Examples of gerund sentences?

A gerund is a verb ending in -ing that acts as a noun. For instance, take the word 'skipping'. Skipping is derived from the verb skip, and can be used in the sentence "Skipping is fun". Skipping is the subject.

Is anounnced next week a gerund phrase?

No. The phrase "announced next week" seems to be incomplete. It seems that it is from a portion of the phrase "to be announced next week". I think "announced next week" is rather a participal phrase.

Five sentences each containing one or more gerund phrases?

Your assignment will be to write five sentences, each containing one or more gerund phrases. I was unable to write one or more gerund phrases in an acceptable sentence. When one or more gerund phrases is required, I am at a decided loss. The assignment to write five sentences containg one or mor ( Full Answer )

What is the gerund in this sentence 'These shoes are for jogging.'?

jogging is the gerund. A gerund is a type of noun formed by adding -ing to a verb, hence jog + -ing . The gerund describes an activity, or, to take it from its Latin root gerundum , a gerund is 'that which is to be carried out'. --------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )

How are gerund and gerund phrase used in a sentence?

A gerund or gerund phrase functions as a noun, as the subject of asentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Examples: Fishing is my dad's hobby. (subject of the sentence) I need the workout that swimming provides. (subject of the relative clause) We enjoyed the danci ( Full Answer )

Can an gerund phrase function as an adjective?

An adjective modifies a noun. A gerund phrase is a phrase that isn't a noun, that is acting as a noun. IE: I'm good at answering questions . A gerund phrase is a noun in function, so it cannot be used as an adjective. If a gerund-like phrase is used as an adjective, it stops being a gerund. ( Full Answer )

Is a gerund a verbal phrase?

A gerund is the -ing form of a verb used as a noun, like the subject in the following: Bicycling is a good exercise. .

Which is the best jogging shoes?

There are a variety of good shoes out there on the market. Asics are very good for the standard runner and are priced reasonably. Saucony's are an even better shoe for running in both comfort and aiding your technique. However they are a bit more pricey.

When does a gerund becomes an object in a sentence?

The gerund becomes an object when it follows a verb or a preposition. Examples: She was glad that she did all the studying . (direct object of the verb 'did') She was glad she set aside time for studying . (object of the preposition 'for')

How does a Gerund Phrase function in a sentence?

Gerund phrases, like gerunds alone, function as nouns in a sentence. Like a noun, a gerund phrase can be a subject, a D.O., an object of the preposition, or a predicate noun. . Subject- Preparing for a concert takes time. . Direct Object-She began practicing his flute . . Object of Prepositio ( Full Answer )

How is the gerund used in the sentence?

A gerund functions as a noun, as the subject of a sentence or aclause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition. Examples: Fishing is my dad's hobby. (subject of the sentence) I need the workout that swimming provides. (subject of therelative clause) We enjoyed the dancing in the parade. ( Full Answer )

Can you give examples of gerund in a sentence?

.Gerunds are verbs that act as nouns The words that function aspredicate are adjectives, nouns, numerals and onomatopoeia, inaddition to verbs. To review and reinforce the use of thirdperson& gerund. for example:. Singing is one of my hobbies. . Running is good exercise. . Watching television ( Full Answer )