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It is the event that one of the two coins lands showing tails and the other shows heads.

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When 2 coins are tossed simultaneously what is probabiliy of getting atleast two heads?

At least two heads with two coins? You can't get more.There are 4 different outcomes:tail-tail, head-tail, tail-head and head-head.You can use one out of four - which gives us the probability 1/4 = 0.25 = 25%

What is the probability of getting one tail if you tossed 3 coins?

Three coins can come up in (2 x 2 x 2) = 8 different ways.One tail can come up in 3 different ways . . . one for each coin.The probability of one tail is (3/8) = 0.375 = 37.5%

What is the probability of getting two head and one tail if a coin is tossed 3 times?

the probability of getting one head and one tail on three flips of a coin is 1/9

What is the probability of getting a tail if a coin is tossed twice?

75%. There are 3 possible ways of getting at least one tail from 2 tosses from a coin:Tail & Tail orHead & Tail orTail & HeadEach of these individual outcomes has a probability of 25% (e.g. the probability of getting a tail and then another tail is 25%). Adding the possible outcomes together gives you a total of 75%.

Suppose six coins are flipped then the probality of getting at least one tail?

The probability of getting at least one tail in a flip of six coins is the same as the probability of not getting all heads, which is 1 - (0.56), or 0.984375.

What is the probability of getting at most one tail when two coins are tossed together?

pr(at most one T) = 1 - pr(not two tails) = 1 - 1/2*1/2 = 1 - 1/4 = 3/4

If four coins are tossed what is the probability of getting three heads and one tail?

With 4 coins you have 24 (16) possibilities. If we wanted a specific coin to land 'tails' while the others landed 'heads' we would have one possibilty out of 16. Since we don't care which of the coins lands 'tails,' we have four chances in 16 or a 25 percent chance.

Suppose three coins are tossed what is the probability of tossing more than one tail?

n(S)=8 let A be the event that more than one tail appears n(A)=4 so,P(A)=4\8=0.5

How many combinations of one head and one tail would you expect if two coins were tossed together forty times?

The theoretical probability of HT or TH when two coins are tossed is 1/2 . (All possible outcomes are HH,TT,HT,TH). This means that when we run the experiment repeatedly we expect to get the desired result 1/2 of the time. Since you intend to toss the coins 40 times, 20 are expected.

How many simple events are in the sample space when three coins are tossed?

There are 4 events: 3 heads, 2 heads 1 tail, 1 head 2 tails, and 3 tails.

What is the probability to get tail at least once when 6 coins are tossed simultaneously?

Number of possible outcomes of one coin = 2Number of possible outcomes of six coins = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 64Number of possible outcomes with six heads = 1Probability of six heads = 1/64Probability of not six heads = at least one tails = 63/64 = 98.4375%

How many different combinations are possible if a coin is tossed three times?

there can be only three combo's ------ head n tail,,,,,,,, tail n tail,,,,,,,,,,,,,, head n head

When tossing 2 coins the probability of getting exactly 1 tail is one over 3?

No, the possible results of two coin flips are; HH HT TH TT The probability of getting exactly one tail is 1/2 or 50%.

What is the probability of getting a tail if a coin tossed once?

Since the coin only has two sides, the probability of getting either heads or tails in any one toss is 1 in 2, or 50%. 50 precent chance. Everytime you toss it, 50 percent.

If you toss a coin three times how many possible outcomes are there?

In three tosses there can be four possible outcomes: three heads, three tails, two heads and one tail, and one head and two tails. ^^^That is wrongA coin is tossed N times. There are 2 possibilities when you toss a coin: heads and tails.So the formula is 2^N (thats to the N power)A coin tossed 3 times has 2^3=8 possible outcomes:head head headhead head tailhead tail headtail head headtail tail headhead tail tailtail head tailtail tail tailThere they are!

If you Flip four coins at once what is probability of 2 head and 3 tail?

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/If_you_Flip_four_coins_at_once_what_is_probability_of_2_head_and_3_tail" The probability of flipping four coins and getting 2 heads and 3 tails is ZERO 2 heads and 3 tails requires flipping FIVE coins.

If a coin is tossed two times what is the probability of getting tails two times in a row?

25% or 0.25 Probability of one tail is 0.50. Since two tails are independent events, the probability is 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25

What is the probability of tossing three coins and having all of them show tails?

When we toss a coin getting head or tail have equal probability of 50% - that is, out of the two possible outcomes getting the specified one becomes 1/2 probability. When we toss three coins, the probability of getting all the coins showing tails is given by (1/2) * (1/2) * (1/2) equal to 1/8 or 12.5 % chance. Alikban

Two coins are tossed what is the probability of getting no head?

lets get some facts odds of head on 1 coin 50% or evens odds of no head 50% or evens the possible results vary from 1 coin to 2 coins. 1 coin has 2 results heads or tails 2 coins have 4 results. heads heads, tails tails, tails heads, heads tails. each outcome has a probability of 25%. for the question we remove the heads and tail probability and we have 2 outcomes with heads and one without. so 2 to 1 chance or 33.3333 recuring chance.

A coin is tossed If it comes out heads a die is then tossed once if a tail appears the coin is tossed one more time List the possibilities as to how many outcomes are possible?

The answer in the back of the book says that it is: TT, TH, H1, H2 H3, H4, H5, H6= 8 possibilities. But I don't understand what that means or how the answer was found. Help?

How does a comet's tail forme?

A coments tail forms by getting closer to the sun.

What is the probability of getting two heads one tail when you spin 3 coins?

First work out the probability of the first two coins being heads and then the last being tails. This is 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 which is 1/8 The next step is to find out how many different orders the coins can come in. In this case there are 3 possible orders (HHT, HTH, and THH). Multiply this by the above probability and you get 3/8. Therefore the probability of getting two heads and one tail is 3/8

What is the theoretical probability of getting one head and one tail?

The theoretical probability of getting one head and one tail is 50%

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