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They will be in Grade 3 .

Grade 1 : 6

Grade 2 : 7

Grade 3 : 8

Grade 4 : 9

Grade 5 : 10

Grade 6 : 11

Grade 7 : 12

Grade 8 : 13

Grade 9 : 14

Grade 10 : 15

and so on.

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Q: What is the grade for an eight year old?
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What age are you in 2nd grade in china?

Childen at second grade level are eight year's old

How old is alexis Taylor?

she is a eight year old and she is still in second grade..l.

How Old are you in grade 9?

In the 9th grade you are between the ages of fourteen to usually sixteen.

What grade is a 14 year old in?

A 14 year old is in 9th grade or in 8th grade.

What grade are you in if you are 14?

year eight

What grade is 6 year old in?

A 6 year old is in 1st grade.

Who is the smartest nine-year-old in the world?

it is actually Liad Erlich he knows algebra two and hes 10 years old and they wanted to transfer him to tenth grade but he was to little so he moved to eight grade

What is the grade for a eight year old?

An eight year old is usually in 2nd or 3rd grade. Normally you begin 2nd grade at age 7 and turn 8 during the school year or the summer after, and then begin 3rd grade at age 8. But it would be possible for an 8 year old to still be in 1st grade if they were held back a year, or they could even be in 4th grade if they started school early, skipped a grade, or if their state has a later cut-off date for starting kindergarten (since the normal age to start is 5, but some states have cutoff dates as late as December, meaning the child could still be 4 and not even turn 5 till that would make the child still only 8 by the time they start 4th grade).

What is the grade for a fifteen year old?

a 15 year old is normally in 9th or 10th grade

What grade is a 14 year old supposed to be in?

8th Grade or 9th Grade

What is the grade for a seven year old?

usally grade 2

What grade is a 6-7 year old in?

1st grade