What is the greedy method?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What is the greedy method?
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What is the difference between greedy algorithm and Divide and Conquer?

greedy method does not give best solution always.but divide and conquer gives the best optimal solution only(for example:quick sort is the best sort).greedy method gives feasible solutions,they need not be optimal at all.divide and conquer and dynamic programming are techniques.

What are advantages and disadvantages of greedy method?

It may not be the best solution and sometimes may even be the worst possible one.

What is the difference between branch and bound and greedy method?

Branch and bound method is used for optimisation problems. It can prove helpful when greedy approach and dynamic programming fails. Also Branch and Bound method allows backtracking while greedy and dynamic approaches doesnot.However it is a slower method.

What is five over eight as a sum of unit fractions?

An algorithm for finding a unit fraction expression for any fraction is the Greedy Method. To use the Greedy Method on fraction X. Start with the largest unit fraction less then fraction X. Then continue in the same manner to represent the remaining value. 5/8th imperial measure or .625 in decimal.

Are mice greedy?

Yeah. They are greedy

Were greedy for more gold sentence or fragment?

The phrase 'were greedy for more gold' is a fragment. Who was greedy? Correct: The men were greedy for more gold. The miners were greedy for more gold.

Is Eminem greedy?

no eminem is not greedy...

How do you put greedy in a sentence?

You describe who is greedy. (the old man was very rich and greedy)

What part of speech is greedy?

Greedy is an adjective

What is the saying as greedy as a what?

The saying is 'as greedy as a pig', mainly because pigs eat a lot and considered greedy.

Was Marco Polo greedy?

yes very greedy

How do you use the word greedy in a sentence?

Your so greedy!