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What is the greek name for Demeter?

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Demeter is the Greek name of the Greek goddess.

Ceres is the Roman counterpart of Demeter.

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What is Demeter Greek and Romans name?

Demeter's Greek name is Demeter and his Roman name is Ceres.

Is Demeter a roman name?

No. Demeter is a Greek name. The Roman name for Demeter is Ceres.

What is the greek name for the goddess of Demeter?

Demeter is the Greek name, the Romans identified her with Ceres.

What breakfast food comes from the Roman name Demeter?

cereal ceres is her roman name demeter is her greek name The question should be "What breakfast food comes from the GREEK name Demeter

Does Demeter have a last name?

No, the Greek goddess Demeter does not have a last name, she does have titles and epithets.

The goddess Demeter english name?

Demeter is the translated "English" name of Greek "Δημητηρ".

Was Demeter a real person?

Demeter can be a persons name, but the Demeter of Greek myth was a goddess not a person.

What was Demeter's Greek name?

Demeter is the Greek name. Ceres is her Roman equivalent.

What is the Greek name for Ceres?

Demeter, goddess of the harvest.Ceres is Roman; not Greek.The goddess Ceres is alike Demeter.

What greek god is the goddess of the earth?

Greek name: Demeter Roman name: Ceres

What was the god name what earth was named after?

the answer is Demeter. It is Greek.

Where did Demeter get her name?

Demeter's name was most likely derived from Greek; possible meanings of "Demeter" include mother, earth, and barley, which are all related to the Greek goddess of agriculture.

Where did the name Demeter come from?

Greek: deo - earth meter/mater- mother Demeter. Earth Mother

What does the name Dimitri mean?

It's means "of Demeter". Demeter was the Greek mythological goddess of agriculture and fertility.

What was the name of Persephone's mother?

Demeter in Greek; Ceres in Roman

What is the name of the Greek harvesting god?

Demeter, and btw she is a goddess :))

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