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What is the habitat for starfish?

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The sea, you will almost never find them on land, unless they got washed up.

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What diet do starfish have?

Do starfish have problems in their habitat?


What is the habitat for the starfish?

in the ocean ^^

What is the starfish habitat?

A starfish lives in the sea and occasionally in coral reefs

What problems does the starfish in its habitat?


Can starfish smell?

No but there habitat certainly can.

What is the range or habitat of a starfish?

the ocean

How do starfish adapt to their habitat?

It gets jiggy with it

Does the starfish change its habitat?

no it stays in water

Do lobsters and a starfish share the same habitat?


What is a starfish physical description?

A starfish habitat can get up to -50oC and 500oC in the summer but often it is 250oC

What animals live in the same habitat as hammerheads and starfish?

Numerous animals live in the same habitat as hammerhead sharks and starfish. For example, dolphins, whales, other sharks, and plankton all live in an oceanic habitat together.

What problems does starfish have in its habitat?

because it is to cold for them and enemies eat them

How does a starfish adapted to live in its habitat?

They have water vascular system...

Which type of plant life are found in a starfish habitat?

seaweed is something you might find in a starfishes habitat.

What habitat do crabs and starfish live in?

sea foors and rock pools

What is the habitat of a starfish?

The starfish likes to stay at the very bottom of the sea, and that is also usually where they are located. Starfish are found everywhere in all places, but the mostly prefer rocky areas.

What is the habitat that starfish live in?

I think that would be in rock pools and shallow waters

What habitat does a star fish live in?

Starfish live in saltwater, on rocks or reefs

How does a starfish change so it can best live in its habitat?

because of its adaptations to the ocean

What does starfish habitat look like?

starfishes habitats are in shallow rock pools

Are starfish endangered?

Starfish are a threatened species due to habitat loss and pollution. Starfish are slow-moving creatures, making easy prey for fish, crabs, rays, sharks, birds, and humans.

What kind of ocean habitat do starfish live in?

I have found live starfish in shallow salt water in rocky areas close to shore (North Carolina beaches).

How do starfish help the environment?

Starfish help the environment in numerous ways. Namely, they keep the population of sea mollusks in check, and they keep their habitat free of barnacles and algae.

How does a starfish 'see'?

Starfish can't actually see but they have ways to sense the habitat around them. For example, at the tips of their arms they have optic cushions which look like slits.

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