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a bumble bee is found in the hives ussaly on a tree lol


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The ideal habitat for a bumble bee to thrive is where plenty of flowers are available for the bees to feed.

the woods and stuff like that

No, a bumble bee is an insect.

the honey bee makes honey the bumble bee does not

A bumble bee is an insect.

The bumble fee is in the Apidae family. The order of the bumble bee is Hymenoptera.

A bumble bee is a large hairy bee that makes a loud humming noise. The Bumble bee lives in small colonies in underground holes.

Almost anything can kill a bumble bee.

tuna is not made from bumble bee

it is a hmmingbird that looks like a bumble bee

You don't destroy a bumble bee hive!

Bumble Bee Foods was created in 1910.

The size of a bumble bee ranges from 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch. A bumble bee is a bee that is covered in an apparent fuzz.

Bumblebees are endangered in many developed countries due to habitat destruction.

bumble bee coures becouse bumble bee can be bring to life again

The humble bee would not point out the bumble bee's bumbling...

a honey bee has large boobys and a bumble has small

Go to "" and put in bumble bee diagramor just plain bumble bee and you should find something. Have fun!

The bumble bee queen lays eggs, but none of the other bumble bees in the colony do.

A bumble bee worker weighs about .05 grams.

Yes the autobot bumble bee is an autobot scout.

Te bumble bee's fur is a kind of stickiness to make the pollen stick to the bumble bee.

Yes, Bumble Bee sardines are certified kosher by OU.

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