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The Haversian System is the way bone is laid out. The Haversian Canal is in the center of each system. Blood vessels, arteries and nerves run through this hole (Haversian canal). The canal is surrounded by rings made of calcium much like the grains found in wood. These rings are called Lamellae. These are generally only 3 to 5 rings around due to the large decrease in diffusion that would take place otherwise. Located all about these rings are Osteocytes. These are cells that from the bone matrix (The non-living structure). They secrete calcium and other minerals. To protect these sells from being crush by there own byproduct, they are encased in a hard "shell" called a Lacunae. Finally, Canaliculi runs through the entire matrix. Canaliculi are the capillaries that connect the osteocytes to the Haversian canal. Those are the 5 basic components to the typical Haversian System.

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Q: What is the haversian system of compact bones?
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What is the network of tubes that run through compact bones?

The Haversian canals

What is the functional unit of compact bone?

The basic unit of a compact bone is an osteon. This is also known as the Haversian canal and it contains blood vessels that transport blood to the bone.

What are the roles of the haversian canals in compact bone?

The haversian canals are used to transport oxygen to the bone cells. It also contains the nerves for the bones.

Haversian canals are characteristic of which tissue?

Haversian system is part of compact bone, which itself is a connective tissue.

What is the functional unit of bone?

The osteon is the structural unit of compact bone. Haversian system is a microscopic, structural unit of compact bone also called the osteon. The osteons are arranged in multiple layers or rings called concentric lamella.

Haversian canals are located?

Haversian canals branch into the compact bone, they caring blood vesels which nourish the osteocytes.

How are compact and spongy bone different in blood supply?

Compact bone looks smooth and homogeneous. Spongy bone is composed of small needlelike pieces of bone and lots of open space.

What system includes the compact bone?

Skeletal system includes the compact bones. The other type of bone is spongy bones. They perform the specific and desired functions.

The tissue type composed of haversian systems?

Compact bone

Which type of tissue contains the haversian systems?

No it doesn't. Haversian systems are only found in compact/cortical bone.

Which part of the Haversian system was the hardest to see on the slide of compact bone?

the osteocytes are the hardest part to see because they are so small

What are the circular structures in compact bone called?

Haversian systems or osteons