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Q: What is the hazard of a measuring cylinder?
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Is a measuring cylinder is used for volume?

Yes, a measuring cylinder is used for measuring volume. It is called a graduated cylinder

Why 20 degree centigrade is written on measuring cylinder?

QUESTION;why 20 degree centigrade writtenon measuring cylinder? ANSWER: Measuring cylinder. 20 degree centigrade is written on the measuring cylinder because every instrument having a particular temprature where that equipment is kept and work on it measuring cylinder having 20 degree C on it beacause it is the accurate temprature of measuring cylinder and in this tepmrature working on measuring cylinder is possible.

Who invented the measuring cylinder?

Linus Yale Jr. invented the the measuring cylinder

Is using a measuring cylinder or gas syringe better to use when the gas is soluble?

measuring cylinder

What instrument is used for measuring liquids?

Measuring cylinder

What tool used for measuring precise volumes of liquids?

A graduated cylinder is used measuring precise volume of liquids.A graduated cylinder is used measuring precise volume of liquids.

What is a measuring cylinder what does it do?

okay so a measuring cylinder in is something used in science to measure liquids, it measures how mush is in there

What is the classification of a measuring cylinder?

There are measuring cylinders of various sizes. I have seen cylinders with 1 cc (cubic centimeter) gradations and 5 cc and 10 cc.

What instrument can be used for measuring 10 ml of water?

measuring cylinder

What laboratory equipment should I use for measuring volume?

A measuring cylinder

Who made the measuring cylinder?


Why do you need a measuring cylinder?

measure liquids or the area/circumference of the cylinder.