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as high as 1260 beats per minute!

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What animal has highest heart rate?


What animal has the highest heart rate?


What is the heart rate of Hummingbird?

Hummingbird's heart rate can reach as high as 1,260 beats per minute.

What is the heart beat rate of a hummingbird?

130 times per second

What are the heart rates for common wild animals?

The hummingbird has the fastest heart rate of any bird.

How many heart chambers does a hummingbird have?

A hummingbird has four heart chambers, has do all birds.

What is the fastest heartbeat ever recorded?

The Amethyst Woodstar Hummingbird has a heart rate of 80 beats per second.

Does a whale aardvark groundhog or hummingbird heart beats the fastest?


What animal has the smallest heart?

I think its the hummingbird

What mammal has the fastest heart beat?

A humming bird

How fast is the pulse rate of a hummingbird?

Hummingbirds have an extremely rapid pulse rate, especially compared to humans. On average, a hummingbird's resting heart rate is 250 beats per minute. When feeding, it could go up as high as 1200 beats per minute.

How does depressants affect the heart rate?

depressants affect the heart rate by its heart rate

How fast do the wings and heart of a hummingbird beat?

Hummingbirds are one of the smallest birds on earth. They eat a nectar of sugar and water when fed by humans. Their heart rate is typically 50 to 180 beats although it can be as fast 1260 beats. The wings beat at a rate of 10 to 15 beats a second.

How many heart beats does a bird have per minute?

Most bird species are different.The hummingbird heart rate can be 250 beats per minute at rest and 1200 beats per minute while feeding and flying. A normal chicken heart rate is 250-300 beats per minute while a chick is 350-450.

What is the difference between a child's heart rate and an adult heart rate?

a adults heart rate is slower than a child's heart rate

If your pulse rate increase your heart rate does what?

Your pulse rate is your heart rate.

Why do you have a heart rate?

You have a heart. It beats periodically. The rate at which it does so is your heart rate. If you don't have a heart rate, then your heart isn't beating, meaning you're dead or dying.

How big is a hummingbird heart?

It is as big as the size of one grain of rice.

If cardiac muscle get stronger what will happen with heart rate?

If your heart gets stronger:Your resting heart rate will go downYour target heart rate for exercise will go upIt will be harder to raise your heart rate to the target heart rate

What is the squeeze rate of the heart called?

Heart rate

What does alcohol do to heart rate?

increase heart rate.

Why can you substitute pulse rate for heart rate?

cause it is a shortcut for your heart rate

What are the steps to calculating your target heart rate?

Your target heart rate should be 75-85% of your max heart rate. To calculate your max heart rate, you take the number 220 and subtract your age in years. You can easily figure out your target heart rate after finding your max heart rate if you take a calculator, enter in your max heart rate and then type subtract 15% and/or subtract 25%. If you do both the percentage subtractions from your max heart rate you will then get the two heart rates that your target heart rate should be in-between.

How do you measure the heart rate of a hummingbird Also what is used to do it?

if you have a humming bird feeder track how much it drinks per minute, multiply it by 6 and reverse the number you have. that number is how many times its heart beats per 10 minutes. glad to be of help. by!

Is a heart rate the same as a pulse rate?

Your pulse is your heart rate, as you exercise your heart rate goes up and you measure this by checking your pulse.

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