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  • שׁוֹפֵעַ (shofe'a) = abundant, bountiful, copious, plentiful, bounteous, rich
  • עָשִׁיר (ashír) = rich, wealthy, affluent, moneyed, lush, abundant
  • מָצוּי בִּשֶׁפַע (matsui bi sheffa) = abundant
  • מְשׁוּפָּע (meshupá) = sloping, abundant, voluminous, inclined, slanting, oblique
  • מָלֵא (malé) = full, complete, abundant, ridden
  • אָסוּם (asúm) = bountiful, abundant
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shefa (שפע)

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Q: What is the hebrew word for abundance?
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What does shefa mean in Hebrew?

shefa (שפע) = abundance

What does the word shifa means?

Shifa Means 1) CURE in Urdu 2) Abundance, quantity in Hebrew

What does the Hebrew word matara mean?

The Hebrew word "matara" (ΧžΦΈΧ˜ΦΈΧ¨ΦΈΧ”) means "rain." It refers to the precipitation that falls from the sky in the form of water droplets. In Hebrew literature and culture, rain is often symbolic of blessings, abundance, and fertility.

What are the Greek and Hebrew words for abundance?

Hebrew = shefa (שֶׁפַע)Greek = afthonia (αφθονία)

What is the meaning of meribah in Hebrew?

Meribah has no meaning in Hebrew, but it's close to the female name Merav (מֵרַב), which means abundance.

Use a sentence using abundance?

The word "abundance" is a noun. An example of a sentence using the word would be: There was an abundance of food being served by waiters.

What is the english translation of the hebrew name Yitra?

Yitra is not a Hebrew name, but it looks close the name Yitro (יתרו) which means "abundance"

What is the Hebrew word for an?

There is no Hebrew word for "an." There is no indefinite article in Hebrew.

Is Calalini a Hebrew word and If so what's the meaning of it when translated to English?

Calalini is not a Hebrew word and has no meaning in Hebrew.

What is the opposite word for the word lack?

antonym= abundance

What is the Hebrew word for womack?

The word "womack" doesn't have a Hebrew definition.The word "womack" doesn't have a Hebrew word. It's a name. You can spell it ווֹמאק in Hebrew letters.

How do you use the word abundance as a verb?

The noun abundance is the noun form of the verb "abound."