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The typical height of a desk is 28" to 30".

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Q: What is the height of a desktop?
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What measure height on a computer?

the height on any computer is always going to be different it wont be the same because a notebook computer could be the size of a iPad compared to a desktop computer.

What is the standard height of the space between the desktop and the bottom of a shelf?

it depends if your cealing is high you will probably have a big shelf.

How do you get the icon Desktop for Windows xp?

right click on desktop and properties desktop customize desktop and select icon to view it on your desktop and click OK

Is the Windows Desktop a folder?

Desktop is the interface of the windows, desktop has also a folder C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop

How do you change your desktop background on mac?

The Desktop image can be changed in from Desktop tab in the Desktop & ScreenSaver section of System Preferences. You can jump directly to this by right clicking on the Desktop and selecting Change Desktop Background.... from the menu that appears.

On screen representation of a desktop?


Where to get desktop destroyer?

What is a desktop arrangement?

You arrange your desktop

What is Pavilion desktop?

My HP pavillion(Name on my computer) desktop is the regular desktop on my computer

How can you use the laptop as a desktop?

There is no difference in functionality of laptop and desktop. you can do same work as you can does with your desktop

Can Nintendo WiFi work on desk tops?

Yes it can. well it depends, WIFI from your Desktop or To your Desktop it is from your Desktop than yes but if it to your desktop i am not Sure

What is the abbreviation for the word 'desktop'?


What is a desktop screensaver?

The picture in the background on your desktop.

What is the Desktop Screen?

A desktop screen is the screen that displays output such as this text you are reading on a desktop computer.

Where online can I shop for a desktop organizer?

You can get this information at many places. Some of them are and

What exactly is a copernic desktop?

The copernic desktop is a desktop that allow you to search and find anything you want by using a remote. This desktop was created and hit the market in 2009.

How do you change you theme on your desktop whenever you want?

right click your desktop, then click "change desktop background"

What is an internal desktop?

Internal Desktop refers to electronic computer parts that are designed to be installed inside a desktop computer. e.g Internal Desktop Hard Drives are hard drives designed to be installed inside a desktop computer.

How do you change back to normal the highlighted blue colour of desktop icons?

Right click on desktop>properties>desktop>click customize desktop>click web tray>uncheck lock desktop items then click ok..

What is a desktop metaphor in a GUI?

A metaphor is the application of one thing related to a domain to another domain, so, the desktop metaphor in a GUI is the representation of the GUI as a desktop, while the GUI itself is not a desktop. Indeed, using the metaphor of a desktop, we can assume that we can put things over the desktop, we can have a recycle bin and a document folder connected to our desktop and so on.

How do you say desktop in french?

Desktop is "bureau" in French

What do you call a picture on a desktop?

Wallpaper or a desktop background

Were is the picture when you take a picture of desktop?

It's on your desktop.

What is the importance in desktop publishing?

The importance of desktop publishing?

Can a desktop manager be rearranged?

Yes, your desktop manager can be rearranged and even radically altered. There are programs like RainMeter that allow you to make a custom desktop and desktop manager.