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It would be letter grade of A, or a numerical grade of 4.0.

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Q: What is the highest grade you can receive in a college course?
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Will algebra connections being your highest math course get you into Memphis?

NO. If that's your highest math course, forget college. I'm doing it in 5th grade.

Course taken once and repeated three times for college credit?

The way the question is stated, I'm really not sure exactly what you are referring to. However, you can only receive the amount of credits the course was assigned, no matter how many times you repeat the course. For example, if a course is three credits and you repeat that course three times, you only receive three credits. The only thing that can change is your grade point average (GPA). The highest grade is used in the calculation of the GPA.

What is the highest grade possible in college courses?

typically it is a grade of A (4.0)

If you retake a course in college and actually do worse will it count against you?

Yes, if you retake a course in college and perform worse, it is likely to count against your overall academic record. Most colleges consider the highest grade earned in a repeated course for calculating your GPA, but both attempts may still be visible on your transcript. It is important to check your college's specific policies on retaking courses to understand how it may impact your academic standing.

What qualifications are needed to be a professional pianist?

To become a professional pianist you need to start from grade 1 to 8, which is the highest grade. This grades are normally done in college. Then after that you, it depends whether to got to university to finish your course.

If you receive a grade of a D in a college course do you still receive the units?

In most all colleges and universities a D grade is a minimum pass and the student does receive the credit. However, it is below satisfactory and may not satisfy the requirement for specific programs. In other words, in some programs, a higher grade may be required to pass the course, especially within the allied health field. In addition, should the student decide to transfer to another institution, the D grade would not be transferable. Lastly, it will have a negative affect on the students Grade Point Average (GPA).

Will an C on a test effect your grade?

Typically, every test and grade you receive affects your grade for the course which will in turn affect your total grade point average.

What course to take in college to be a pedestrian?

One can "audit" a course without getting a grade. You must attend classes and do the assignments with no consequences of any grade.

What is 4u or 4m in OSSD?

4U means its a grade 12 course, and it is University Preparation. 4M means it is a grade 12 course, and it is University/College Preparation.

What letter grade is a 0.8 in college?

For colleges and universities that grade on a 4.0 scale with 4.0 being the highest, a grade point average of 0.8 would be a letter grade of F (failure).

What is the highest grade in flute?

The highest grade on the flute is grade 8 (this is teaching grade)

What is the lowest grade a student can receive and still get a credit for the course?

A "D". A "F" means you failed and get no credit.