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1. Los Angeles

2. New York City

3. Atlanta

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Q: What is the highest paying school district in US?
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Most common type of special district in US?

school district

Highest paying jobs in US?

definatly not anyone in the communications/entertainment field

When was US elementary school spring break in 2009?

School breaks vary from school district to school district in the U.S. Usually, spring breaks are in March or early April.

Who represents sylmar in the us House of Representatives?

School district

What are the highest paying companies in the US?

Around 10000$ a year and its called cals trucking 4 you !

What does urban district mean?

Research definition of urban school in the US

Who is the current US representative of the Holly area school district of Michigan?

Mike Rogers of Michigan's 8th district.

What are the best Public School Districts in the US?

The top rated public school district in the US are in Dallas, TX. The School for the Talented and Gifted is located there and is considered the best public school in the US.

What are the highest ranked art colleges in the US?

The highest ranked art colleges in the US are, Rhode Island School of Design, Yale University, and School of Art Institute in Chicago.

What are the highest paying trucking companies in the US?

Around 10000$ a year and its called cals trucking 4 you !

How many school districts are in Georgia?

There are 159 counties in Georgia, each having their own Public County School District. There are also 20 Public City School Districts. Georgia overall has 179 Public School Districts. 159 County Systems and 20 City Systems. Some examples of a Public County School District; Cobb County Public Schools or Bartow County Public Schools Some exampls of a Public City School District; Atlanta City School District, Marietta City School District, and Cartersville City School District

What are the highest paying hospitality jobs?

Management and sales. Most US hotels and restaurants are chains owned by large corporations. At the corporate or franchise level, the highest paying jobs are CEO, COO, CFO and V.P. of Sales & Marketing.