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The highest score ever achieved in Pac Man was 3,333,360.

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Q: What is the highest score on PAC man?
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What was the highest score in a Pac-Man game?

my high score was 19926520025

What is the highest Ms Pac Man score?


What is the all time highest score recorded in a game of Pac Man?


What is the worlds highest PAC rat score?

new pac rat score 2,00,000 Gary score Sammi score old pac rat score 1,654,000

Who made the highest PAC rat score?

The highest score ever was 1,322,060.

What was the Highest score for pac-xon?

27733... that was my score anyways... -Brenna

What was the PAC man high score on March 7 1983?

what is the all time score on pac-man machine?

What is the highest score that a kid has on PAC man?

Hmm... it was difficult to find but the record of levels is 23 I think so.

Who got the highest Pac-Man score ever?

Billy Mitchell of Hollywood, Florida was the first verified person to achieve a perfect score of 3,333,360 points.

What is the world record score for pac-man?


What is the all-time highest score recorded in a game of Pac-Man?

Florida resident Billy Mitchell achieved the highest score of Pac-Man on July 3, 1999, racking up a score of 3,333,360 during a U.S.-Canada clash over the Fourth of July weekend. Mitchell took more than six hours to complete the game at the Fun spot Family Fun Center in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. This is the all-time highest recorded score of a game of Pac-Man. Billy Mitchell is also known for setting other records in classic games such as Donkey Kong.

How many points on a pac-man game?

A perfect score is 3,333,360

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