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What is the highest scoring NFL college game ever?


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There is no such thing as an "NFL college game". It's either college or NFL... not both.


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wisconsin badgers scoring 121 against michigian in 1954

The highest scoring college football game was Georgia Tech vs. Cumberland the final score was 222-0

The highest score collage baseball game is 23 26

The second highest scoring baseball game ever was the Chicago/Philadelphia on August 25, 1922 with a final score of 26-23.

In the NCAA Division I tournament, the highest scoring game was Loyola Marymount over Michigan, 149-115, in the 2nd round in 1990.

Im pretty sure it was between Kentucky and Arkansas. it was also the game ever, 7OT. 76-78 Arkansas

Georgia Tech beat Cumberland (TN) 222-0 on October 7, 1916.

The record for the highest scoring NCAA football game ever belongs to a game played between Georgia Tech and Cumberland in 1916. The game ended with a result of 222-0 in favor of Georgia Tech.

On January 12, 1992, Troy defeated DeVry University (Atlanta) by the score of 258-141

The highest scoring AHL game occurred on Mar. 17, 1945 when the Cleveland Barons beat the Pittsburgh Hornets by a score of 12-10.

Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland College 0.

The highest scoring game in college football was in 1916 between Georgia Tech and Cumberland. Georgia Tech won the game 222 to 0 and did not throw a single pass.

On Youtube is where that video could be found.

I THINK its Tina Thompson, you can check on though

The highest scoring game that the Minnesota Vikings won was with a score of 56 to 14. It happened during a game between the Vikings and St. Louis Cardinals on October 6, 1963.

His highest scoring game is 56. It happened during the 2004-2005 season

Calverland 54.5 to Geriatric High 2pi.

Highest scoring Monday Night Football game took place on November 15, 2010. The Philadelphia Eagles won 59 to 28 against the Washingtion Redskins.

the nba's highest scoring game ever was the 184-186 Detroit vs denver game, Detroit able to get the win in triple overtime!!!!!!!!!!!

Saint Joseph's College (IN) 131 5ot Northern Kentucky 130

The 2009 AHL Allstar game West 14 goals East 11 goals

Kobe highest scoring game was 81 points, watch the video on youtube in 3 minutes.

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