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If you planted your flag, then that country owned it. This was how people would take over new lands.

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Is planting a verb?

Planting is a verb, when meaning to set out seeds or plants as in 'planting a section with corn'

What type of noun is ownership?

The word "ownership" is an abstract noun, meaning that it cannot be touched or felt.

How do use therefore and ownership in a sentence?

Therefore is an adverb meaning for that reason; consequently. Ownership is a noun meaning the act of, or right of possessing something. Example sentence: The ownership of the vehicle is not documented, therefore I won't be putting a down payment on it.

Meaning of rice planting by Fernando amorsolo?

The rice planting means, to remember the history/culture of every filipino human that the our farmers is the main topic. Rice planting by Fernando Amorsolo is the most beautiful and amazing paint that he did.

What is the meaning of the African Luo name Abuya?

The meaning of the African Luo name Abuya is "born when the garden is ready for planting".

What the meaning of absolute deed of sale?

It transfers ownership of real property.

What is the meaning for the state of possessing something?

The state of possessing something is 'ownership'.

What is the meaning of SA regarding of insurance?

Sum assured

What is meaning of sowing?

Sowing is the action of planting seeds for growth usually by scattering them over the soil.

What is terracing or meaning of terracing?

terracing-is done on hilly lands.teraces or step are buildon the slope for planting

What is the meaning terracing?

landscaping term for planting in tiered steps like stairs on the side of a hill

What is the name meaning of zidan?

Gender: Girl Origion: Arabic Historical Meaning: Abundance

What is the historical meaning of the word katniss?

The historic meaning for Katniss derives from the Katniss Root.

Define the meaning of legend?

A historical, traditional. story.

Government rules regarding assembly must be content neutral meaning?

meaning that you are really ugly

What is the meaning of 're'?

It is usually short for the word "regarding".

What is the meaning of nationalised bank?

A Bank that is Partly (Majority ownership) or fully owned by the Government

Homonym of sew?

Either: 'so' a conjuction or adverb 'sow' a verb meaning to spread seed for planting

What does CE indicate?

It is a historical reference meaning Common Era

What is the meaning of historical books?

Since they are fiction, they are open for interpretation.

What is the meaning of historical places?

They are where EXTRAORDINARY history took place

What is the meaning of kasaysayan sa lipunan?

it means "historical society"

What is a term meaning an opinion about events in the past?

An historical perspective.

What is the meaning of gate in full regarding shipping terminology?

gate in full

How do you spell regarding?

The word meaning "concerning" is spelt as you have done in the question.

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