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Dandansoy is courtship dance from Negros Occidental. In its song, it depicts a story of a woman who goes home to Payao and tells her sweetheart to follow her in case he misses her.

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What is the origin of dandansoy?

origin of dandansoy

What is the function of dandansoy lyrics?

dandansoy is originate from visayas

What are the lyrics of dandansoy in tagalog?

ko dandansoy ko dandandandandan

What is the meter of the song dandansoy?

The meter if Dandansoy is triple.

What is visayan folksong?

Dandansoy Ilog nga bata

What is dandansoy?

Dandansoy is the name of a Visayan folk song. The popular Filipino song is about a boy named Dandansoy who the singer left when she went back home.

What is the genre of dandansoy?


Meaning of dandansoy?


What is the meaning of Dandansoy?

Dandansoy is a popular Filipino Visayan folk song. It is about a girl who leaves a boy to go back to her hometown.

Ilocano folk song?


What is the history of the folk song dandansoy?

dont know wala kayong kwenta di niyo masagot tanong ko tang ina kau

Where is Dandansoy originate?

Eastern Visayas, Phillipines

What is key signature of dandansoy?


What is time signature of dandansoy?


Who was the singer of the song dandansoy?

Arjhay ramos

What is the tone describe of dandansoy?

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What are dandansoy flute chords?

IDK, i also need the flute chords of dandansoy eeh :bd: It's our practical test next week and i dont have the chords!

What is the message of the song dandansoy?

what is the message of the dadansoy

Examples of folk songs in tagalog about courtship?


Examples of folk song in Visayan lyrics?


Who is the composer of the song dandansoy?

The song Dandansoy is Visayan folk song that was composed by Miss Fortunata Dioso Magsipoc of Culasi, Antique, Philippines,

Key notes of dandansoy? man ko kabalo

What actors and actresses appeared in Dandansoy - 1965?

The cast of Dandansoy - 1965 includes: Berting Labra Dulce Lukban Dencio Padilla Jerry Pons Susan Roces Bob Soler Pablo Virtuoso

What are the lyrics of dandansoy?

Dandansoy inom tuba, Laloy; Dili ako inom tuba pait aslom. Ang tuba sa baybay, patente moangay; Talaksan nga dyutay, puno ang malaway.

What is the music lyrics and music notes of Dandansoy-Visayas?

Can't provide the music notes, but the lyrics I found;Dandansoy, bayaan ko ikaw,Pauli ako sa Payao.Ugaling kon ikaw hidlawon,Ang Payao imo lang lantawon…Dandansoy, kon imo apason,Bisan tubig dili magbalon.Ugaling kon ikaw uhawon,Sa dalan magbobonbobon…--Dandansoy, I will leave you,I am going home to Payao.If ever you feel lonely,Just look towards Payao.Dandansoy, if ever you decide to follow,Don't bring any water.If ever you get thirsty,Make a well along the road.