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Black history Demographic history Ethnic history Gender history History of childhood History of education History of the family Labour history LGBT history Rural history Urban history American urban history Women's history Cultural history replaced social history as the dominant form in the 1980s and 1990s

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Q: Does Tom Green have a mental illness or drug use history?
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What is an illness caused by drug abuse?

mental illness

What is the relationship between drug abuse and mental illness?

Drug abusers, commonly referred to as addicts, suffer from mental illness. This results from the effect of the drug and also in their strong addiction; they lose their mental stability when they don't obtain their drug dose on time.

What are some things that are thought to place a young person at greater risk for attempting suicide?

A history of drug use Mental illness An abusive or neglectful environment

Mental illnesses caused by paint fumes?

Yes, drug use can damage the brain and cause mental illness.

How to ensure your baby's daddy only has supervised visitation?

In the US... The court will only order supervised visitation if there is legitimate reason for it, such as a history of violence, drug addiction, mental illness, etc.

Is alcohol and drug abuse classified as a mental illness?

Why dose it matter? Every party I go to they are included!!

A patient taking this drug would have a history of mental depression?

Answer is C. Prozac

A patient taking this drug would have a history of mental depression is?

C. Prozac

Is drug addiction considered a mental illness?

Yes, because drug addiction changes the brain in fundamental ways. Drug Addiction is defined by the DSM4 manual (any condition, if it does exist, is in this manual) as a "brain disorder". Therefore, drug addiction is an illness and it is very real and treatable.

Who is more likely to get mental illness?

Someone that has a family history of mental illness. or a distressing life expirience. e.g. bad child hood. stressfull homelife, drug and alcohol abuse, parent conflict and seperation, emotional, sexual, physical abuse, incest, bullying, traumatic event. Although sometimes it just appears to srping from nowhere.

What problems are associated with mental illness?

self harm, suicide, drug abuse, risky behaviour, alcohol dependancy, etc

What are the harmful effects of the drug called ice?

Mental illness lack of sleep and mades ur heart beat race

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