What is the history of Kampo medicine?

Updated: 3/22/2024
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Kampo medicine is a form of traditional Chinese herbalism, which came to Japan about 16 centuries ago and was refined over the years by Japanese practitioners.

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Kampo medicine originated in China and was later imported to Japan during the 5th century. It incorporates traditional Chinese medicine principles but has evolved over time through the influence of Japanese culture and medical practices. Today, Kampo medicine is widely practiced in Japan as a complementary and alternative medicine approach.

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Q: What is the history of Kampo medicine?
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What is Kampo medicine?

Kampo (sometimes spelled kanpo) is a Japanese variant of Chinese traditional medicine that involves the extensive use of herbs.

What is the training and certification required by Kampo medicine practitioners?

In Japan, Kampo drugs are widely available from medical doctors and pharmacists. In the rest of the world, Kampo preparations and practitioners are largely unregulated.

How well is Kampo medicine accepted in Japan?

In Japan, Kampo treatment is studied and frequently prescribed by medical doctors. As many as 70% of Japanese gynecologists are said to employ Kampo, particularly in menopausal patients.

What are examples of crude drugs used in Kampo medicine?

Examples of crude drugs used in Kampo preparations include glycyrrhiza (licorice ), rhubarb, and ginseng.

What is the origins of the words for Kampo medicine?

The name is derived from the Japanese symbols kan, which means China and po, which means medicine.

Describe the Kampo medicine herbal treatments?

Kampo herbal treatments are divided into three basic groups, related to urination, sweating, and defecation. Typically, Kampo remedies take 3 months to work, patients may take some prescriptions for years.

How do you describe Kampo medicine?

Kampo emphasizes identifying patterns of "whole body" symptoms, and correcting disharmonies, concepts include In-You (negative and positive); Gogyou; Ki (air); Sui (water); and Ketu (blood).

Is Kampo medicine in the mainstream of healthcare in Japan?

Kampo treatment has become integrated in the Japanese health care system, widely available from hospitals and physicians there, herbal preparations are available from pharmacies and it is very popular.

What has the author Keisetsu Otsuka written?

Keisetsu Otsuka has written: 'Kampo to minkanyaku hyakka' -- subject(s): Formulae, receipts, prescriptions, Medicine, Traditional medicine

What are the Chinese medicine or Japanese Kampo treatments for jock itch?

The Chinese medicine treatments include bupleurum or Chinese thoroughwax to treat fungal skin infections or jock itch.

What is the popularity of Kampo medicine according to World Health Organization reports?

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that Japan has the highest per capita consumption of herbal medicine in the world.

How are Kampo herbal preparations licensed by the Japanese state?

Since the 1970s, Kampo has been recognized by Japan's medical regulators, and Kampo herbs are included in the list of reimbursable drugs under the country's national health insurance plan.