What is the history of Prospect House in Lake Bomoseen Vermont?

The Prospect House was originally built in 1887 by William C. Mound. The property was purchased in 1894 by Horace B. Ellis. Mr. Ellis ran the Prospect House until his death in 1915 and his sone, Edward, continued operating the resort through the summer of 1921. In the Fall of 1921 Mr. Loren R. Johnston of the Hotel Ormond (Ormond Beach, Florida) purchased the property from Edward Ellis. Mr. Johnston sold the property in 1924 to John J. Quinlan of the Cedar Grove Hotel and J. Howard Hart. In 1946, the Quinlan Family sold its 60% interest in the Prospect House to Fred Bennet. Upon Bennet's death, J. Howard Hart bought the remaining 60%. Upon Hart's death in 1966, Harriet and Chuck Baker purchased the property from the Hart estate. Harriet Baker died in 1971.