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In some dialects, shudder and shutter are pronounced the same.

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The homophone for flinch is flense.

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Q: What is the homophone for flinch?
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What word is a antonym for flinch?


What is the phonetic spelling for flinch?

According to IPA, the phonetic spelling of flinch is /flɪntʃ/ In spelled pronunciation, the word is pronounced /flinch/.

How would you put flinch in a sentence?

The inside fastball caused the batter to flinch.

A sentence with the word flinch?

Every time I watch a 3D movie, I flinch.

When was Learning to Flinch created?

Learning to Flinch was created on 1992-06-24.

Can you give me a sentence with the word flinch?

The football came towards me so fast, it made me flinch.

What is a sentence for flinch?

Everyone flinched as the shells exploded all around us. Try not to flinch when the ball is thrown at you. The serial killer didn't even flinch as the guilty verdict was read. The brave child didn't even flinch as the nurse administered the flu vaccine.

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What is another word for flinch?


What is a synonym for wince?

Flinch, or grimace.

What does Ralph remember that makes him flinch?


What color purple flinch?