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Q: What is the hourly pay for surgical tech in ga?
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How much does a surgical tech make an hour in ga?

20 dollars

How many sec championship did Ga Tech win?

Zero, because Ga Tech is not in the SEC. Wrong!! Ga. Tech used to play in the SEC, don't try to answer if you don't know what your talking about! Georgia Tech has won 5 SEC Champ. before Bear Bryants ignorance of what the first part of STUDENT-Athlete caused Ga. Tech to move to the ACC.But, overall Ga. Tech has 16 Conference Champ.

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It's usually an hourly. Pay is better is school system w/upper grades.

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How much do a surgical tech make in Mi Va and Ga?

In Michigan, depending on your experience, you can make anywhere from $14 dollars to the high twentys. (you might want to brush up on your grammatical skills before trying to tackle a career altering peoples' innards)

How much of a demand are surgical techs?

how much an hour does a CNA make in Atlanta, GA

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