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From the Web site, below, the process, which occurs in the lab:

"The HPHT process...takes the diamond back to its formative environment and causes the platelets of nitrogen to be dispersed within the crystal lattice. This dispersion of nitrogen platelets into much smaller nitrogen molecules causes the off-color diamonds to take on a color of fancy yellow to yellow-green. And this allows the otherwise not-sellable-poor-color diamond to become a sellable fancy color diamond."

HPHT-treated diamonds can be detected by a certified gemologist. A buyer should pay significantly less for a treated stone than for an un-treated stone.

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Q: What is the hpht process for the diamond?
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How can a diamond grader identify a HPHT treated or and a HPHT made diamond?

Certified gemologists identify HPHT*-treated and HPHT-manufactured diamonds using specially developed spectroscopy devices. These devices facilitate measuring dispersed light shone through the diamond to reveal its generation. You can read more about synthetic diamonds and spectroscopy, below. ____________ *High Pressure-High Temperature

How are man made diamonds made?

Synthetic diamond is produced in a process; as opposed to natural diamond, which is created in geological processes. Synthetic diamond is also widely known as HPHT diamond or CVD diamond, denoting the production method, High-Pressure High-Temperature synthesis, respectively.

Can you change yellow-green colour of diamond to colorless or white by hpht process?

The High Pressure - High Temperature process you reference is extremely sophisticated, complicated and can produce unpredictable results, depending on the diamond being treated. A certified gemologist may be able to advise you, given a microscopic view of the composition of the diamond you want to treat. You can read more about this process, below.

How did people make diamond?

Diamonds are created from millions of years of pressure. The process of man made diamonds are kept to a secret to some extent. Synthetic diamond is also widely known as HPHT diamond , High-Pressure High-Temperature synthesis and Chemical Vapor Deposition, respectively

Best lab cultured diamond?

Best will depend on what you are looking for. There are only a couple companies that offer lab diamonds, so that will help narrow your selection. Apollo grows diamonds using CVD technology and offers whites up to 1/3ct. D.NEA grows yellow diamond up to 2ct, blue up to 1.25ct, and white diamond up to 1ct using HPHT. Chatham grows yellow and blue up to 1/2ct using HPHT. Gemesis grows yellow up to three carats using HPHT.

What is process of cutting diamond called?

The process is called diamond cutting.

Do the diamond comes from coal mining process?

No. Diamonds come from the diamond mining process.

Why do human-made genuine diamonds cost less than naturally occurring diamonds?

Your question is a valid query that is best answered by the process of supply and demand, which includes a distribution channel for each and marketing efforts for gem-quality stones. These days, both high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) crystal formation technologies only produce about 2% of all gem-quality diamonds. Because the ancillary properties of diamond material -- i.e., conductivity, insulation -- can be controlled in the synthetic production process, the industrial application of diamond material may drive improved technologies. Naturally occurring diamond material represents about 80% of all diamond material mined.

How do synthetic diamonds differ from natural diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds are man made and natural diamonds are mined from the earth. Synthetic is not rare like natural. Synthetic will typically have the same color, cut, and other quality attributes and a natural stone will vary from stone to stone. Each natural stone is like a snowflake. No two are alike.

Can you cut a diamond using other diamond?

Yes. Diamond encrusted blades and diamond powders are used in the cutting and polishing process.

How do you clean a man made diamond?

You clean a man made diamond the same way that you would clean any other diamond. Chemically speaking there is absolutely no difference between a diamond that is made by a man made process and a diamond that was made by a geologic process.

What is the difference between diamond chip and solid diamond?

Diamond chip is just that, chips of real diamond cut off during the shaping process.