What is the huguenot cross?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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The Huguenots did not use symbolism in their worship, but since they were persecuted they needed a way to be able to recognize each other. Huguenots carried the crosses with them to be able to identify each other. Interestingly enough, the Huguenot cross originated with the Catharists who many believe are the ancestors of the Huguenots of Southern France. Read: 'Huguenots and Jews of the Languedoc'. The Huguenot cross is also the same symbol used by the Occitans (Languedoc) in their flag.

The huguenot cross is a Christian religious symbol originating in France and is one of the more recognisable and popular symbols of the evangelical reformed faith. It is commonly found today as a piece of jewellery.


  • The cross as an eminent symbol of the Christian faith, represents not only the death of Christ but also victory over death and impiety. This is represented also in the Maltese Cross.
  • It is boutonné, the eight points symbolising the eight Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12)
  • Between the arms of the cross, the stylised fleur-de-lys (which on the French Coat of Arms represent the Trinity) represent the crown of thorns. The fleur-de-lys together with the arms of the cross form the shape of a heart, which symbolises the sufferings of Christ.
  • The pendant dove symbolises the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:16)
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Q: What is the huguenot cross?
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