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Q: What is the hypothesis of osmosis lab elodea leaf?
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How do you come up with a hypothesis for a lab?

The lab would be used to test your hypothesis to whether or not you were correct. You would first want to form a hypothesis and then gather data to support or discredit your hypothesis. The hypothesis could be testing anything essentially.

Do onions have choroplasts do elodea plants carry out photosynthesis?

Just did this lab in Biology. Onion cells do not have chloroplasts; therefore, they do not possess the green pigment, chlorophyll, that chloroplasts produce. Elodea plants do carry out photosynthesis.

What is after hypothesis?

A hypothesis is an uneducated guess, statement, or observation during a Lab and the hypothesis needs to be tested. So mainly it isn't the conclusion to an experiment.

Do you put the procedure before or after the hypothesis in a lab?

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Where do scientists test their hypothesis?

In a lab or wherever they can conduct an experiment

Do chloroplasts move in elodea cells?

Today I just did a lab viewing elodea cells and human cheek cells. When I viewed the Elodea cells on the highest power, I saw chloroplasts moving. They looked like tiny green spheres moving in little groups of two or more on a set of "tracks". I hope this answers the question.

Which part of a lab report does one make an educated guess?

The hypothesis.

What is a possible hypothesis that could be tested in the atomic lab theory?


What is a good example of osmosis and diffusion that is used today - For a lab report?

The good example will be noting

What does rejecting your null hypothesis mean?

Rejecting null hypothesis means that rumour of a fact is been experimented in d lab and the reseacher later discovered that hypothesis pseudo i.e fack fact but not a theory

Provide the first page from two internet sites concerning osmosis and the egg lab?

Pages at links below.

7 steps in a lab report?

problem hypothesis materials procedure variables observation conclusion