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What is the icp jokers card?

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Each Joker's Card is a prophet of the Dark Carnival. Each would encourage listeners to look upon their own true reflections. It shows them something wicked about themselves, and gives them the chance to change before time is up

Revealed as of January 1, 1992

The 1st Joker's Card

Carnival of Carnage:

Warns of the coming of the end of time, and the need to make your soul right

Revealed as of March 8, 1994

The 2nd Joker's Card

The Ringmaster:

Promotes gang harmony, and features claws that represent rival gang signs of forks up and forks down. In other words, all kinds can have clown love.

Revealed as of October 10, 1995

The 3rd Joker's Card

The Riddle Box:

Represents the vision many see when they die. When you turn the crank, what comes out determines if you go to Heaven or Hell.

Revealed as of June 24, 1997

The 4th Joker's Card

The Great Milenko:

The master of illusion. Milenko has the ability to cast aside people's self delusions, so they can see what they truly are. For most, this is a hideous, horrible reflection of their evil souls.

Revealed as of May 25, 1999

The 5th Joker's Card

The Amazing Jeckel Brothers:

The Amazing Jeckel Brothers are Jake and Jack Jeckel. Jake is good, and cares for the well-being of people, while Jack is sinister and evil. When you die these two spirits juggle your sins. For each sin you committed in your life, a ball is added to their juggling act, making it harder for them to perform. If they drop a ball you go to Hell, if not, you will enter into Shangri-La. To make matters worse, Jack is trying to mess Jake up, just for the fun of it.

The Wraith: Shangri-La:

The 6th Joker's Card (part #1)

Revealed as of November 5, 2002

The Wraith exists in shadow and earth, Heaven and Hell, life and death. He is the final vision that we must all face upon our death, for he is the Grim Reaper; the one who carries us to our final destination in the afterlife. Shangri-La is heaven, for those who lived righteous lives, be them rich or poor, successful or not. Those who go to Shangri-La are the people who followed their heart. Juggalettes/Juggalos are all destined to go to Shangri-La.

The Wraith: Hell's Pit

The 6th Joker's Card (part #2)

Revealing August 31, 2004

Rumored to be the most ruthless album ICP has released, intending to be a glimpse of Hell, and all its horrors. Everyone who has been evil, judgmental, and selfish will go to Hell's Pit. These messages are pretty much aimed for the rest of the world, not the Juggalettes/Juggalos.

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the first Jokers card album by ICP, Carnival of Carnage, sold 17 copies its first week in stores

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yes icp does believe in god

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some say they are but ONLY ICP is NOT twisted, phsycopathic records or any other ones that are close to icp

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