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45 degrees

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Q: What is the ideal temperature for a new born baby?
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What is the ideal weight for a new born baby?

The ideal body weight for new born baby is 2.7 kg to 4 kg.

What is a normal temperature for a newborn baby?

A newborn baby usually has a normal temperature of less than 97F. Usually new born babies body temperature is not always regulated. Sometime when they are ill the temperature goes down instead of up. Hence if you find the baby temperature little awkward then call the doctor immediately.

What is the normal weight of a new born baby?

New born baby weight is 2.5 to 4 kg.

What is the function name for a new born baby?


What is an example of innocence?

a baby. a new born baby.

What causes a new born baby to have a low temperature?

New born babies should be bundled in a blanket. They are still getting used to being outside of the womb. If not all bundled up, this can cause their temperature to drop. Be sure to always have a blanket, beenie and socks on newborns if they go outdoors. If in the privacy of your own home, your body heat can help get that temperature back to where it should be. Simply lay your baby on you, chest to chest.

What is new born baby?

you is blud

If you were looking for a baby gift for a new born baby where would you go?

A good place to start looking for a baby gift for a new born baby would be the baby store. They are specialised in infants and could give proper advice on that kind of gift would be suitable and safe for a new born.

How do you congratulate parents for the new born baby?

You can tell the parents how beautiful their new born child is and how the child resembles the parents. Additionally, many people buy baby gifts and baby clothes to celebrate the birth of the new born.

What is baby of bison called?

A new born Bison is called a "calf," just like a new born cow.

What happens if you feed a new born baby honey?

Baby can died

Does Prodigy have a new born baby?

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