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Q: What is the ignition timing procedure for a 1998 Chevy truck?
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What is the ignition timing for a 88 5.7L Chevy truck?

i need the ignition timing for 88 chevy 5.7 ... 350 motor i had the truck on 4 but still bad don t run good

Where is the timing belt on a 1993 Chevy truck?

Doesn't have a timing belt.

Does this truck have timing belt or what?

Chevy did not use timing belts on truck engines. T-chain only

What is the ignition timing for 1986 dodge truck 5.9 360?

I did not get a answer

Can a Chevy truck with a 5.7 engine with a tbi cause detonation and pre-ignition?

can a chevy truck with a 350 engine with a tbi cause detonation and pre- ignition?

Does a 1992 Chevy truck have a timing chain or belt?

it has a timing chain NEUTZ

What is the correct ignition timing for a 1985 Chevrolet truck with a 454 cubic inch engine?

18436572 same as all Chevy v-8s that is the firing order, not the ignition timing. timing varies between vehicles. a sticker under hood will give timing info, or a Haynes or Chilton service manual

Wiring diagram for ignition switch for 1974 Chevy truck?

Ignition wiring diagram

What is the recommended mileage to change the timing belt for a 2004 Chevy Blazer?

It does not have a timing belt, Chevy did not use timing belts in there truck engines.

Where is the ignition coil on a 1986 Chevy silverado pickup truck?


What is the procedure to set the timing on a 1997 Chevy 1500 with a 5.0 liter?

You need a timing light to set the correct timing. Once the truck has been set at base timing at 0-2 degrees by disconnecting the timing wire and setting the dist., the computer adjusts the timing by itself to the proper setting.. There is not an adjustment for the the idle speed on this truck.

How do you program a key for a 2008 Chevy uplander?

How do you program a an ignition key for 2008 Chevy truck

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