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Q: What is the impact on human rights on all south Africans?
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Why were the apartheid in south America denied their human rights?

Black South Africans (not South Americans) were denied their human rights because the government at the time (run by the National Party) discriminated against them on racial grounds. These laws were unjustly enforced as blacks were thought to be inferior to whites.

Which of the following was a characteristic of South African apartheid during the 20th century?

It denied rights to most South Africans based on their race.

What civil rights were taken away from Africans in South America I am learning about Nelson Mandela and stuff like that?

As far as I know, NO civil rights were taken away from Africans in South America.

According to Mandela white supremacy in South Africa has caused a lack of human dignity for?

black south africans

How did human rights come about in South Africa?

how did human rights come abouit in south Africa

What was the Human Impact on South American Pampas?

the Human Impact on South American Pampas is the pampas provides much of fertile soil.

What is the south African policy on clean water management?

Discuss the impact of the challenge of two on safe healthy living on the human rights identified above

How did Nelson Mandela experience conflict?

Nelson Mandela experienced conflict when he attempted to stand up against the oppression happening in South Africa. He was put in prison for his attempts at achieving basic human rights for all South Africans.

Which organization was formed to gain equal rights for black Africans in the South Africa?

African union

What was the impact of the civil war on the South Africans American population?

Many Migrated North and West OR Many stayed to rebuild the South

According to Mandela in South Africa has or have caused a lack of human dignity for black South Africans?

white supremacy

How did the aparthied impact South Africa?

By Africans not getting the jobs they've wanted.Another was the neighborhoods Pie Kami