What is the importance in studying science technology and society?

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the importance of studying science,tech,and society is so you know what you can do in nature and what you cannot do.
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What is the importance of science and technology?

The importance of science and technology in contemporary society is demonstrated by the use of it in our daily lives. And we often have no idea how science and technology really affect us. We live and work in structures given to us by science and technology. We are transported around on the ground, ( Full Answer )

Impact of science technology on society?

Technology expands the societyÕs knowledge. This also helps humanin increasing the understanding of how the world works and allowscommunication more efficient.

Why do you need to study science and technology?

We are at the age were technology is the one spinning the world. All of the things that makes our lives comfortable nowadays; from the tiniest microscopic robot doctors to enormous space shuttles going to the unknown space in search for information are made through technology. Technology is science ( Full Answer )

Importance of chemistry to science and technology?

Chemistry is science. It is one of the natural sciences. Its importance is all around you. Men get up and use shaving cream. Chemistry keeps it fluffed out unlike soap. Women put on lipstick. Chemistry keeps it solid and looking good rather than the colored lacquer once used. You take some pills. ( Full Answer )

How does technology and science affect society?

science affects society in many ways it can benefit or make the society to devastate as in when the nuclear or atom bomb were invented they were not was not meant to harm the society but during the world war 2 cities known as hiroshima and nagasaki were totally destroyed so science should be accom ( Full Answer )

Why science and technology is important?

Science and technology are important as they help humans advance.It has lead to things like electricity, computers, and travel todistant planets.

What is the importance of science in technology?

( ~ how can you make one technology work without the help of science ?? ) * the answer to your question are : >> science is important in technology because it can help the technology to be more creative .. for example I am the SCIENCE and your the TECHNOLOGY .. The scientist will make new techno ( Full Answer )

How do science and technology affect society?

Technology and Science have to be looked at individually. Technology, when though of, is what man has created ("tech" means craft). Technology can govern what is said about art or applied sciences. Technology affects our society because technology is all around us. It is what allows us to advance f ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of statistics in science and technology?

Statistics is used all the time in science and technology. In short, statistics tell us whether our results are probably caused by chance or not. Statistics is used in research to compare results between different treatments. It can also help describe relationships between variables and results ov ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to study science and technology?

Because it occurs in life more than often, less than math, but ever since ten years ago, technology has become mandatory to learn. And you need to know science because of chemical reactions, global warming, everything!

Importance of food science and technology?

Food science is important because you don't want to end up having diarrhoea after eating Indian curry or chicken feet at Yum Cha =) Food science is important because you don't want to end up having diarrhoea after eating Indian curry or chicken feet at Yum Cha =) Food science is important because yo ( Full Answer )

What are the contributions of science and technology to society?

differentiate of science and technology? science is the study of forces and interactions between different "things" both animate or inanimate. technology can be referred to as "things" which we make, but were developed by applying scientific law, knowing what such "things" are capable of doing

Impact of science and technology to the society?

Very helpfull but not for everyone. now a days more people are depressed. mentally disturbed. and don't know where they'r going. technology should be restricted and should have a time period. other wise people are choosing wrong way.

How do science and technology improve your society?

Science and technology are a double-edged sword. With the good comes the bad. The telephone, for example, has accomplished much good, but the price paid for it is obscene callers, prank callers, telemarketers, and crooked phone carriers. Yet, once addicted to the new technology, we find that we cann ( Full Answer )

Why you study science and technology?

Science is important so you find out about the world and other things that aren't really necessary. Technology is better because you find out about computers (but really technology isn't all about computers) and you probably need to for when you grow up you might get a job that needs it.

What are the signifisance of studying science and technology?

The pursuit of science and technology is both self-rewarding and socially rewarding. Scientific understanding has taken the world out of the dark ages and turned humanity into a culture that can control it's own destiny. Medical science has extended the human life expentency by about 4 times w ( Full Answer )

What is the importance and history of science and technology?

history-so people do not make the same mistakes as done in the pastscience/tech.-to gain more info about the past or create things that provide info science and technology is NONE OF YOR B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S!!!!!!!!!!

Importance of science and technology in medicine?

Science is helping with advanced and effective antibiotics. Improvements in technology is providing us with better screening techniques and other diagnostic tools and imaging techniques. Science and technology have made great contribution in the field of medicine.

Effects of science and technology in society?

Here are a few of the effects! 1) They expand society's knowledge: Science helps humans gain increased understanding of how the world works, while technology helps scientists make these discoveries. 2) They allow mass communication: Before science and technology was advanced enough to allow tel ( Full Answer )

How science technology and society interconnected?

With science, there will be technology. With technology, there would be things like cars for example and with cars, there will be accidents and so, science and technology is interconnected with society.

Why is science very important in technology?

Science is very important to technology because without discovering something first, how can you make something else? In every tehcnology made, there is always science applied to it. There no technology with out science possibilities. Without Science, there is no technology.

How does science and technology affect your society?

Technology has helped improve our lives. Through technology we have better shelter and clothing, increased food production, and a higher standard of living. In the field of agriculture, technology has helped improve food production and preservation.

How is technology important to science?

well, without tech. then it would be slower to gather information and/or shave/receive/share. idk something along those lines

What is science and important of science to your society?

Science is proposed explanations that are based on evidence ( not beliefs) and can be tested. It lets us know about the things around us, gives explanation about why things happen, and it lets you know what is going to happen by studying the things that happened in the past. This is a real explan ( Full Answer )

What is the important of Science technology society?

science technology is important because if we dont have science technology then we cant invent gadgets that we use to make hand work easier like computer,cellphone and other things that is been invent by science technology

What is the importance of science laboratory technology?

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What is the significance of the study of science to the society?

Science is very important when it comes to society. Everything that science studies is something that affects everyone, either in the short run or the long run. Without science, a lot of the things that we as society take for granted would not have been invented. Electricity, batteries, computers, a ( Full Answer )

What is the differentiate of science and technology with society?

Science is the practice of coming up with theories and trying toprove or disprove them. Chemistry, astronomy, and physics are allexamples of science. Technology is taking things learned throughscience and creating tools, etc. You don't have to have technologyto do science, but you have to have scien ( Full Answer )

Why is it important to study technology and science?

Its important to learn that because eventually we wont need human labor and everything will become electronic based. Therefore, we will need scientists to design and build the electronics and robots.

Why is science and technology important in life?

look at anything you have. there's about a 99% chance that without science and technology it would not exist. The computer you are on to ask this question, the medicine the doctor prescribes when you're sick, the materials used to build your house, and even the tap water you drink are all created wi ( Full Answer )

How are technology and society related in science?

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What is the importance of science and technology to students?

Since the world is changing to adapt to the influx of technologieseverywhere, teaching technology to students will help them obtainjobs in the future.Science courses are taught due to the generaleducation requirement these days requiring the basics of scienceand math, Future pursuing is at the stude ( Full Answer )