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Q: What is the importance of carbon and nitrogen in cell metabolism?
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Importance of water to plants?

It acts as a solvent and reactant in cell metabolism.

What are the four main elements in a cell?

4 ELEMENTS IN A CELL? hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon

What is the importance of decomposers like fungi?

Without decomposeres carbon,nitrogen and other elements would accumulate in organic matter.

What chemical blocks aerobic metabolism by interfering with cell use of oxygen?

You think probable to carbon monoxide.

Why does a muscle cell need to get rid of carbon dioxide?

Back EMF stops metabolism. Hmm, that's why it has to get rid of the carbon ion, but CO2 is a waste product, so if you can't dump the CO2, metabolism stops, too.

What is the most likely source of a substance containing carbon hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen?

human cell.

The four most important elements that must be present in cell?

Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen.

When was Cell Metabolism created?

Cell Metabolism was created in 2005.

What is the sum of chemical reactions in a cell?

The sum of chemical reactions in a cell is called metabolism

How to Describe the process of cell metabolism in skin?

can you explain skin cell's metabolism

Where does blood carbon dioxide come from What does it regulate?

CO2 comes as a product of cell metabolism and its presence in the blood acts as the stimulus to breath.

What is the chemical process in living cell called?