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What is the importance of cooperation?

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April 06, 2008 2:58AM

Cooperation leads to productivity, "team morale", and a generally good working atmosphere. Cooperation is a necessity of world peace. Cooperation is our aim in our lives, to help others achieve things not only for peace but for the advancement of human society. Cooperation comes firstly from within ourselves. In order for it to work you must devote a large part of yourself - without greed and jealousy - to fullfilling work which aims to help the world. To achieve something if you are part of a team, of any kind we need to cooperate so that we achieve what we are trying to do. If we don't talk to each other (one message doesn't go where it's intended, for example), and you want to tell someone somethinng, it doesn,'t get done, does it? If people do do what they say they will do then it gets done. If someone expects you to do something and you don't, it could result in confusions in other people's minds, possibly, I don't know if you have observed this or not of course, but have a look and see if it makes sense to you.