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Pr-elementary education is very crucial in terms of writing skills ,Taking the main arguments made by Piaget on development of cognitive domain it appears that at the age of 2-7there is rapid development of language use also the child develops the ability to apply concrete things and has ability to think in logic during this time ,it is a high time to develop writing skills as once it is developed it is going to be evident and permanent ( Thadei Filipatali)

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Q: What is the importance of pre-elementary education in terms of writing skills?
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there is no real importance because u really dont need it

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A vocational manager must have good writing skills in order to communicate with their students. They must be able to convey their message using less words.

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Early attitudes toward education in the northern colonies were influenced by the belief in the importance of literacy and education for religious reasons, as well as for practical skills such as reading and writing. Education was often seen as a way to instill moral values and ensure that individuals could read the Bible. In the northern colonies, there was a focus on establishing schools to provide basic education to children, with an emphasis on reading, writing, and arithmetic.

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