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Q: What is the influence of vegetation on runoff?
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Will Runoff will increase as vegetation in the area decreases?

Yes, runoff is likely to increase as vegetation in the area decreases. Vegetation plays a crucial role in absorbing and slowing down rainfall, allowing water to infiltrate into the ground. Without vegetation, more water will run off the surface, leading to increased runoff. This can result in higher risks of flooding and erosion.

Does vegetation affect the amount of runoff?

Yes, plants absorb some of the water. It thick vegetation might slow runoff down too.

Which factor least affects the rate of runoff?


How can people reduce rain runoff and erosion?

Plant vegetation.

How does vegetation control water erosion due to runoff?

roots hold soil in place

What increases runoff?

Runoff increases when vegetation has been removed, compaction (as in foot or vehicular traffic) has occurred, or the location has been developed so that the permeable area has been reduced.

When building construction decreases vegetation that obsorbs water runoff it increases the effects the effects of which event?

Dinosaurs are real,

What is the term for how vegetation influence precipitation?


Which is the term for how vegetation influence precipitation?


How runoff effects a lake?

Heavy runoff from pollutants can affect lakes and rivers water quality.

How runoff effects a watershed?

Runoff ends up in lakes and rivers, straight from the "storm water systems" present along roads and other impervious surfaces (urbanization). Impervious surface reduces the amount of water seeping into the grounds (to make it to the aquifers-underground water used for drinking). The level of ground water will eventually lower, as it is not being recharged fully.

What factors influence the kind of vegetation in a region?

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