What is the input quantity in quantum mechanics?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Solids gasses and liquids should also include frequency as an element

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Q: What is the input quantity in quantum mechanics?
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What is certainty and uncertainty in quantum mechanics?

certainty means how are you accurate in measuring a physical quantity. There is always some uncertainty in measuring of any physical quantity . It is given by higenberg's uncertainty principle. Quantum mechanics deals with the physical quantities which have some discreet values. So The measurement is not certain.

When was Principles of Quantum Mechanics created?

Principles of Quantum Mechanics was created in 1930.

Why expectation values are used?

In quantum mechanics,we are not certain about any physical quantity(unlike classical echanics).So,here value of every physical quantity can only be approximated or expected

Why it is said relativistic quantum mechanics?

The distinction is sometimes made to distinguish normal quantum mechanics (which does not incorporate special relativity) and quantum field theory (relativistic quantum mechanics). Since we know special relativity is correct it is the relativistic form of quantum mechanics which is true, but non-relativistic quantum mechanics is still used, because it is a good approximation at low energies and it is much simpler. Physics students typically study regular quantum mechanics before moving on to quantum field theory.

Is newton known for quantum mechanics?

The concepts of quantum mechanics were not explored until the 20th century. Newton only lived into the 18th century, so Newton did no work on quantum mechanics.

What is a mixed state in quantum mechanics?

The mixed state in quantum mechanics is the statistical ensemble of the pure states.

Who created Quantum Mechanics and is it true that it is replacing the old physics?

Quantum Mechanics "replaced" Classical Mechanics in particle physics in mid-1930s.

Why quantum mechanics is someone called wave mechanics?

It is also called wave mechanics because quantum mechanics governed by Schrodinger's wave equation in it's wave-formulation.

What is the Heisenburg principle?

Also referred to as the 'uncertainty' principle, it is a principle in quantum mechanics holding that increasing the accuracy of measurement of one observable quantity increases the uncertainty with which another conjugate quantity may be known.

What is the alternative to quantum mechanics?

Classical Mechanics and Wave Theory.

Is quantum mechanics a set of fields or is it just a lone branch of mechanics?

Quantum mechanics is a separate branch of physics. It is a general term given to all quantum physics. There are many subbranches, for example Quantum chronodynamics which describes the strong nuclear interaction.

Why plasma is not explained with quantum mechanics?

I am not aware of it "not being explained". I would guess that you can explain the relevant aspects with quantum mechanics.