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the thing you typed in is not a question so i dont know what you want exactly but it is a bullion coin and is worth its weight in silver (31.1 grams) or 1 ounce. hope this helps

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Q: What is the international universal trade unit coin?
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What is the value of a one ounce coin with words International Universal Trade Unit shown with date of 1974?

It's worth its weight in whatever metal was used to make it.

What is the cash value of the international silver trade unit coin with a panda bear on the back?

Pandacoinpnd maintenance all international mainstream users from market segments also arranged global level entry fro crypocurrency.

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Coin has same markings as a peace dollar except reverse says silver trade unit one troy oz and is dated 1986?

It is a bullion coin minted by a private mint. It's value is determined mostly by market price for silver.

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