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Q: What is the invention of madam query?
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Why was madam query famous for?


How many times madam query win nobel prize?


Why was madam query?

Because she just naturally was now shut up and get a lyf

Where did madam curie get uranium for her invention?

From Jachimov, now in Czech Republic.

What is madam c j walker greatest invention?

Hair products

How many types of f?

i'm sorry sir or madam but you seem to have forgotten some letters in your query.

When was madam cj walker's 1rst invention made?

the wonderful hair grower

How does madam cj walkers invention work?

They work by it can style our hair well.

Why is madam cj walker's invention important?

her invention helped revolutionize the way black women styled their hair by combining the use of the hot comb with her hair care products.

What does qué patraña es ésta mean?

Patraña means, a lie or fabulous news, of pure invention. The query is a question. It asks, "What lie/fable/story is this?"

Can write query within the query?

Yes, you can have a query inside a query. That is known as a sub-query.

How did madam c.j walker and thomas Edison benefit from the system of free enterprise?

Cj walker created a hair business and Thomas made an invention to sell for $40,000