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It is a magnetic field that surrounds a magnet.

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What is the the invisible field around a magnet is the magnets?

The invisible field you are talking about is called the magnetic field.

What is invisible force around a magnet?

magnetic field

Is magnetism a invisible force?

You may be wondering, what does it mean that magnetism is "an invisible force".Well, magnetism is an invisible force because the magnet reaches out and when it does, there is a magnetic field around it so the magnet does not need to be touching another magnet to pull or push it.

What do we call the lines of force surrounding a magnet?

A magnetic Field

The region surrounding a magnet which exhibits a magnetic force called?

magnetic field, or field/

What are two different ways we can make invisible magnetic field lines?

You can make magnetic field lines with a magnet. You an use a permanent magnet, or an electromagnet.

The region surrounding a magnet which exhibits a magnetic force is called the?

Magnetic field ; )

How does a magnet attract metal objects?

it sets up an invisible atmosphere around itself called a magnetic field. When a pm or nail is in that field, it becomes a little magnet too.

Is the electric field intensity the same throughout the space surrounding a magnet?

No. It is strongest at the poles.

What is a magnets magnetic field?

Whatever it is that enables a magnet to push another magnet without ever touching it, is called the "magnetic field". It is an invisible attribute of a magnet that surrounds the magnet and exerts forces on other magnets and some non magnets, like iron.

What do you call the region around a magnet where the invisible forces of attraction or repulsion can be felt?

The magnetic field. If it's an electromagnet, the electromagnetic field.

What terms best describes the space surrounding a magnet in which the magnetic forces acts.?

Magnetic field

How do you control a magnetic field from a distance?

Surrounding a magnet with a magnetic shell can allow the magnetic field to move farther away from its source.

What is the invisible force that surrounds a magnet?

Magnetic field or magnetic flux lines, one of the manifestations of the electromagnetic force.

Can you give me a short phrase for magnet?

A magnet is a material or object that produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible but is responsible for the most notable property of a magnet. This property is the force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, and attracts or repels other magnets.

What is something that has the property of attracting iron and certain other materials by virtue of a surrounding field of force?

This describes a magnet.

Where is the magnetic field on a magnet?

On the gray side of the magnet, if you take out a magnet and put it next to a magnet things you put on the fridge, It sticks to it! You see, the magnet's force is invisible so u can't see it. Or if you put it next to a magnet that sticks to that magnet, You might feel it's force or not. I tried it once :).

What is the difference between a magnet and an electromagnet?

An electromagnet is just one kind of magnet. A magnet is a material or object that produces a field (called a magnetic field) that is normally invisible but that exerts a pull on ferromagnetic materials such as iron. One magnet may also repel another magnet, or may forcefully attract it. The difference between an electromagnet and most other kinds of magnet is that most other magnets always produce a magnetic field, but an electromagnet requires an electric field flowing through a loop or coil to produce the magnetic field. When the electric current is off, the object is no longer magnetic.

Where is the magnetic field on a bar magnet the strongest?

The field is strongest on the poles of the magnet (the ends of the magnet). More specifically, the 8 corners of the magnet are where the strongest magnetic field will occur. The weakest field occurs in the center of the magnet.

Does vinegar affect the magnetic pull of a magnet?

No. A magnet is a material that produces a magnetic field. The MF is invisible and is responsible for the magnet's force that pulls on ferromagnetic materials such as iron. It attracts or repels other metals.

How do paperclips stick to magnets?

They are kind of like a force around each other. They are negative and positive pulls. As you hold a paper clip to a magnet its an invisible field around the paperclip and the magnet. The paper clip also has magnet attracted metal so it will stick.

What is the area around the magnet called?

The volume surrounding a magnet will be filled with the lines of magnetic force. Since these are similarly polarized, they repel each other - eventually creating a sphere at a sufficiently large distance. This sphere is the magnetic field of that magnet.

What is the invisible force around a magnet called?


Where is the field round a magnet strong?

The field strengthens as you get closer to the surface of the magnet.

How can you see the invisible magnetic field?

Its invisible for a reason