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Apparently ions help the hair dry faster with less heat, which can damage hair. I'm not sure there's a lot of evidence to support it, though.

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Q: What is the ion switch on a hair dryer used for?
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What company designed the Chi Pro hair dryer?

The Chi Pro hair dryer was designed by Farouk Systems. It is a quiet light weight air dryer using negative ion technology. The 30 day manufacturer warranty is not honored if purchased on the internet.

Is this 1300 Watt Farouk Dryer with negative ion technology worth the extra money to make my hair look nicer?

Hair Dryers do make hair look nicer/more professional.

Saturn Ion hazard switch?

this is the 4 way flasher switch...

What is an Ion Hair Straightener?

An ion hair straightener is a straightener that changes the atoms in the hair to ions. This makes the hair smoother, sleeker and makes it look more healthy.

Are ion hair dryers faster than traditional hair dryers?

Yes, they will heat faster for less time and less energy used.

What is the best hair dye to use on blonde hair?


What is the best purple hair dye?


What is shelf life of ion hair developer?

Will heat destroy hair developer

Which hair dye should you use on 13 year old hair?

ION. That is what i used when i was 12 but it damaged my hair a bit. oooor if you don't want to damage it at all, use Manic Panic or Splat.

Where is the fuel shut off switch on the 2007 Saturn Ion?

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Why did southern farmers switch from other crops to cotton?

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Is there really a difference between ion hair dryers and regular ones, and what is the difference?

Yes, while regular dryers just melt the moisture in the hair, ion hair dryers negatively break down the ions in the water and dry your hair faster.

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