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Potassium oxide, with formula K2O.

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Q: What is the ionic compound between K and O?
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What kind of bond is k-o bond in koh?

There is no K-O bond in KOH as this is an ionic compound formed between the cation, K + and the polyatomic anion, OH - So, the electronegative difference here causes this ionic bond to form by attraction in whole as shown above.

Is KF a polar covalent bonds or non-polar covalent or ionic?

KCl is an ionic compound. The electronegativity of potassium (K) is approximately 0.82. The electronegativity of chlorine (Cl) is approximately 3.16. The difference between these electronegativities is 2.34. This high electronegativity difference is what makes potassium chloride an ionic compound. If the electronegativity difference of two elements is greater than 1.7, it is considered to be an ionic compound. If the difference is between 0.4 and 1.7, the compound is considered to be polar covalent. If the difference is less than 0.4, the compound is considered to be covalent. If the difference is 0 (i.e. the two elements are the same), then the compound is considered to be pure covalent. KCl is ionic because K's electronegativity is 0.82 and Cl's is 3.16. A compound is ionic when the electronegativity on the Pauling Scale is more than 2.1. The difference 2.34, so it is ionic.

What is the formula of the ionic compound expected to form between the elements Ba and O?

The ionic compound formed by reaction of the elements with atomic symbols K and O is named potassium oxide and has the formula unit K2O. (The lower case letters k and o are never proper atomic symbols!)

Why is BaO ionic?

BaO is an ionic compound. You can determine it is ionic because the bond exists between a metal (Ba) and a non-metal (O).

Which compound does OCL2bonded to covalent or ionic bond?

OCl2 is covalent compound and the bond between O and Cl is covalent

Is MgSO3 ionic or covalent?

MgO is ionic because it is a bond between a metal(Mg) and a non-metal(O).

What is K C 2 H 3 O 2 ion?

KC2H3O2 is an ionic compound called Potassium Acetate.It is composed of two ions:The Cation: K+The Anion: C2H3O2-

What is an ionic compound containing Al and O?


What is the formula for the ionic compound Be and O?

This formula is BeO.

Is P205 ionic or covalent?

P2O5 is covalent compound as the difference in electronegativity between P and O is below 1.7

Is K2O an ionic bond or a covalent bond?

A ionic bond formed by,the cations,2K +and the anion,O 2-K2O===== Potassium oxide

What is the ionic compound formula when Cs and o is formed?