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What is the jackass theme song called?

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The song is Corona by the Minutemen.

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What song does party boy dance to?

jackass theme song

What is the jackass movie opening theme song?

corona by the minutemen

What is the song in the end credits of jackass the movie?

The song is called corona minuteman.

What is the song in the beginning of Jackass when they're in the shopping cart?

The song is called 'O Fortuna.'

What is the song for jackass?

party jackass boy.

When was The Jackass Song created?

The Jackass Song was created on 2009-09-17.

What is MVP's theme song called?

MVP's theme song is called I'm comin.

What is sheamas's theme song called?

Sheamus's theme song is called "Written In My Face".

What is the SpongeBob theme song called?

It's just called the Spongebob Theme Song

What is The Avengers theme song called?

The theme song for the avengers is called "fight as one."

Who sing the Ghost Whisperer theme song called ghost?

Mark Snow is the composer of the theme song, and the theme song is called "Human"

What is the theme song for the show called the Nanny called?

The theme song is called: The Nanny Named Fran.

What is randy ortons theme song called?

Randy ortons theme song is called voices

What is Tara's theme song called?

Tara's theme song is called broken by dale oliver

What Is The Name Of The Miz's Theme Song?

His theme song is called reality.

What is the name of Maryess theme song?

Her theme song is called "Pourquoi?".

What is Shamus theme song?

His theme song is called "Written In My Face".

What is the opening theme music to 'Jackass' number two?

The Ecstacy of Gold

What is the name of the Country song heard at end of the movie 'Jackass' number two?

The song is called 'Sometimes I don't know if I'll make it' by Roger Alan Wade.

What is DX theme first song called?

the first DX theme song is called Break It Down

Is johnny Knoxville in jackass 3?

yes, but its not called jackass 3. its called jackass 2.5

What is the name of the Zelda theme song?

It is called The Legend of Zelda Theme Song.

What is the theme song of Christiane?

The theme song is called"Just Close Your Eyes".

What is the name of MNM's theme song?

MNM's theme song was called "Paparazzi"

What is the DeGrassi theme song?

the theme song to degrassi is called "Whatever It Takes"

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