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'Strike' can have many meanings, your question is vague. 'To strike, to hit' would be 打つ /u tsu/. 'Strike' as in to stop working and going on a strike would be ストライキ /su to rai ki/.

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Q: What is the japanese word for strike?
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What is the Japanese word meaning first strike?

Tora .

Why did the strike start in Japanese?

Naguru - to strike.

How do you say dragon strike in Japanese?


What is the Luhya word for the English word strike?

The Luhya word for the English word strike is mgomo.

How do you say fang strike in Japanese?

kiba no sutoraiki

What is the word 'strike' when translated from English to Japanese?

You may use the verb 'naguru,' which is written: 殴る

Domiudsai a word in Japanese?

This is not a Japanese word.

How do you say the word it in Japanese?

Japanese does not have a word for "it."

What does the Japanese word Abbi mean?

Abbi does not appear to be a Japanese word.

When did the Japanese first strike Pearl Harbor?

December 7, 1941.

How many syllables in the word strike?

Strike has one syllable.

What is the past of the word strike?

The past tense of strike is struck.