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What is the job of an attacking midfielder?

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I assume that by midfielder, you mean the position in soccer. A midfielder usually stays behind the forwards (people who go up and try to score) and ahead of the fullbacks (who stay a little ahead of the goalie to help him/her). My guess is that a attacking midfielder would play the position of a midfielder, but try to score like the forwards.

2011-09-14 10:30:47
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Q: What is the job of an attacking midfielder?
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What is an attacking midfielder?

An attacking midfielder is a member of a football team who is a midfielder who specializes more in attacking duties.

What posision does Frank Lampard play?

He is a midfielder who can play attacking midfielder or defending midfielder.

What is am-r soccer position?

Attacking Midfielder-Right. An Attacking Midfielder usually plays between the Midfielders and Forwards.

What position is gourcuff?

He is an Attacking Midfielder

What does am mean in soccer?

Attacking Midfielder

Is kaka a forward or midfielder?

He usually plays as an attacking midfielder or secondary striker.

What position does Kaka play?

Attacking Midfielder

Who is the center attacking midfielder for Chelsea?


What is Mesut Ozil?

Ozil is an attacking midfielder

Is thomas muller a striker?

He is mainly an attacking midfielder and sometimes at winger but mostly he plays with lewandoski at forward position and his main work is to assist to lewandoski. Forward/ Attacking midfielder.

What is a center midfielder expected to do in football?

the job of centre midfielder in football (soccer) direct the other players in the job of keeping the ball in the attacking 3rd. of the field. When need come back to defence to move the ball out of the defensive 3rd. This not all the centre midfieder does but it is a start.

What position does Kroos play?

Attacking Midfielder and sometimes as a winger (:

What does offensive mean in soccer?

Attacking. Whenever the ball is at the feet of a midfielder or forward, on the attacking half of the pitch.

What posistion does Rafael van der vart play?

He is an attacking midfielder

Has Guti retired from football?

No, he plays for a team in Turkey, as an attacking midfielder.

What position did Mauro Camoranesi play?

Mauro Camoranesi is an attacking midfielder.

What should i play the perfect poisition for soccer?

Attacking Central Midfielder

What is a holding mid?

AnswerA holding midfielder is also called a defensive midfielder. They typically play just in front of the defense. Their main job is to win the ball back from the opposing team, to maintain possession in the midfield, and to complete passes. Holding midfielders join the attack less often than an attacking midfielder.

What position is Robert pires?

Robert Pires is an attacking midfielder. His favoured position when with Arsenal was left midfield in a 4-4-2. He can also play on the right side or as a centre attacking midfielder/second striker.

What are the position is soccer?

Goalkeeper Defender (Right Back, Centre Back, Left Back) Midfielder (Central Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder, Right Winger, Left Winger, Sweeper) Forward (Centre Forward, Striker)

What position played Maradona in football soccer?

The "10" position, attacking central attacking midfielder, "playmaker", or second striker

What does AM stand for in soccer?

I assume you meant the player position which AM will stand for attacking midfielder.

What positon did maradona played in soccer?

Attacking Midfielder and sometimes Second Striker.

What does middle position in soccer do?

well it depends. its callled a midfielder and there can be several different types. there can be ones like attacking, defensive, left winger, right winger, left midfielder, right midfielder and others like that

What positions do pro soccer players play in a game?

Typical positions are: Goalkeeper, Full Back (right or left) Centre Back, Sweeper, Wing Back (right or left), Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder, Winger (right or left), Left Midfielder, Right Midfielder, Support Striker, Striker