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What is the journal of Dividend Income?


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If dividend income received: Debit Cash / bank Credit Dividend income If dividend income receivable: Debit Dividend income receivable Credit Dividend income


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debit stock dividendcredit dividend income

The journal entry should be as follows: dr Bank/Dividends Receivable xxx cr Dividend Income xxx

if receiveddebit cash / bankcredit dividend incomeif paydebit dividendcredit cash / dividend payable etc

Dividend receivable Debit Cash dividend Credit Cash Debit Dividend receivable Credit

Income earned from shares is called dividend income and shown in income statement as "Other income".

[Debit] Dividend [Credit] Cash

Dividend income received from other company increases the net income of company.

[Debit] Cash/Bank xxxx [Credit]Dividend Income xxxx

The symbol for Dividend and Income Fund in the NYSE is: DNI.

Dividend factor = Net earned income / dividend earning shares

Dividend factor = Net earned income / dividend earning shares

Cash dividend paid has nothing to deal with net income as net income is calculated first and after that it is distributed. If cash dividend is received then it is included in net income calculations and increases the net income.

Dividend of 164 is the maximum tax on the dividend income that will be effected on 31st December.

Debit dividend payableCredit cash /bank

The symbol for BlackRock Dividend Income Trust in the AMEX is: BQY.

[Debit] Proposed dividend [Credit] Dividend payable [Debit] Dividend payable [Credit] Cash / bank

If dividend received is reinvested then there is no journal entry is required and this information can be mentioned through the use of memo entry.There is no journal entry required for dividend received reinvested as nothing is received by person or company so memo entry is enough for information purpose.

70 percent dividend income exclusion on the tax returns of corporations. That is, if a corporation owns preferred stock, it can exclude 70 percent of dividend income and pay income taxes on only 30 percent of dividend income, both preferred and common stock.

Dividend Expense a/c Dr Dividend Payable a/c Cr Dividend declared but will be paid next month.

As of July 2014, the market cap for Dividend and Income Fund (DNI) is $139,734,554.58.

The symbol for First Trust Dividend and Income Fund in the NYSE is: FAV.

The symbol for Nuveen Diversified Dividend and Income Fund in the NYSE is: JDD.

The journal entries for different time periods are recorded as the following: 1 - When the dividend is declared: [Debit] Retained Earnings XXXX [Credit]Dividend Payable XXXX 2 - When the dividend is paid: [Debit] Dividend Payable XXXX [Credit] Cash/bank XXXX

dividend is a Comprehensive income includes net income, and other comprehensive income. Dividends received are included in net income and are included. However, dividends paid are not included in net income or other comprehensive income (and are therefore not in comprehensive income.

BlackRock Dividend Income Trust (BQY) had its IPO in 2004.

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