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Press the LCTRL & RCTRL simultaneously.(sure)contact at Press O.(improved answer)

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Q: What is the key for opening the parachute in san Andreas?
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Where is Katie San Andreas?

you meet her in the mission key to her heart

How do you use a parachute on gta San Andreas for playstation 2?

Press circle just before u hit the ground

What is the cheat code for taking parachute in Grand Theft Auto vice city?

go to Google and type ''grand theft auto san Andreas cheats''....after clicking on one of the found search links .(if itz a good site) you should find all the cheats made for the game there including the parachute one. GTA San Andreas cheats are strictly for San Andreas. it will not work if you use it in GTA Vide City Stories.(Vice City Stories does not have a parachute even with cheats)

How do you open a parachute on Grand Theft Auto?

press the 'x' button on it if it is playstation or 'A' if it is x-box

When does the mission the key to her heart comes in gta san Andreas?

the mission will happen when you unlock the city San fierro

How do you beat the key of the heart in san Andreas?

Do the misson and date her and there is a case in millies house

How do you get san Andreas hat in GTA San Andreas?

San Andreas is the entire game area

Cheat for a parachute on gta San Andreas?


What is a 'system' of faults as used in the phrase 'San Andreas System'?

A system of faults refers to a group of interconnected faults in a specific region. The "San Andreas System" is a network of faults in California, including the San Andreas Fault, that collectively accommodate tectonic movement along the boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate.

What is a system of faults as used in the phrase San Andreas system?

System means area so when they sat San Andreas System, they mean San Andreas area, or San Andreas where the the San Andreas fault is

How can you change san Andreas car speed?

You can accelerate by pressing up key in GTA SA.

Gta san Andreas when you have the key to caligulais palace what do you do next?

go to the 4 dragons casino