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Currently, the largest named unit of data measurement is the heileybyte which is (give or take) 1211288155777568604160000 bytes. The largest reachable amount of data is the petabyte or 1100585369600 bytes. The current file system, NTFS, can only address hard drives up to 25 petabytes. Here is the list of all the data unit measurements:













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What is the smallest unit of measurement in computers?


What is the unit of measurement for computers capacity of memory?


What is the largest unit in metric measurement?


What is the largest byte unit of measurement?

The largest known byte unit of measurement is a Yottabyte. (Bits in a Yottabyte: 9,671,406,560,000,000,000,000,000 bits) (Bytes in a Yottabyte: 1,208,925,820,000,000,000,000,000 bytes)

What is the largest unit?

The largest unit of measurement is the Parsec (pc). It is an astronomical unit of length that is use to measure the objects distances beyond the Solar System.

There is kilo mega giga and tera bits and bytes of memory what is the largest measurement available today?

Tera Bytes are the largest unit of measurement.

What is the largest unit of measurement for length?

The absolute, largest unit of measurement is a Yottaparsec. 1 Yottaparsec is 3.08 x 10^40 metres! or 30,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 metres. Approximately 31 Duodecillion Metres

What is the largest unit of measurement for time?

A yottasecond is 34 quadrillion years

Is an ecosystem the largest unit of ecological measurement?

ummm.ahhh.... I think the largest measurement unit of ecology is TEMPERATURE... thanks answered by, Bill crayton #125 Jacksonville, New Jersey check me at

What was the name of the largest unit of the roman empire?

Unit of what? Measurement? Distance? Capacity? The army? Please be specific.

What is the largest unit of measurement?

It matters what you are trying to measure. For instance the largest for distance would be different than for volume.

The largest unit of data measurement I can find is a xanobyte which is 1000 yottabytes so what's larger than a xanobyte?

the largest unit of data measurment is a caudexabyte, 1024 xanobytes.

What is the largest unit of measurement for distance in the universe?

A Parasec is not the largest unit of measurement for the distance in the universe. A hubble is equal to many parsecs Therefore, hubble is the biggest Unless you use yottahubble (1 septilllion hubbles) A parsec is not in fact a real unit. it was made by star wars. :D :P

Are feet considered a unit conversion or unit of measurement?

unit of measurement

Is a pencil a unit of measurement?

No, a pencil is not a unit of measurement.

WHAT IS KGA in unit of measurement?

what is KGA in unit of a measurement

What is a nibble in computer science?

In Computers and Digital Technology, a Nibble is a unit of measurement that consists of half a byte, that is; four bits.

What is the unit of measurement for forcr?

The unit of measurement of force is 'Newton'

What are the basic unit of measurement?

the basic unit of measurement of a capacitor is

What is the measurement unit of the electric current?

measurement unit is Amperes (A)

What unit of measurement for force?

A Newton is the measurement unit for force.

The smaller the unit the measurement will be what?

The smaller the unit the more accurate the measurement will be.

When converting from a large unit of measurement to a smaller unit of measurement you should?


What is metric unit of measurement for volume?

The unit of measurement for volume is cubic unit. For liquids, it is liters

What unit of measurement is smallest to largest when it comes to cups gallons pints liters quarts milliliters?

When it comes to the items on that list, the milliliteris the smallest, and the gallon is the largest.