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Q: What is the last sound of the final syllable of this weird symmetry?
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How many syllables in the word weird?

Weird has only one syllable. It might sound like two, but it is only one.

How many syllables in clark?

One. "clark", not "cl-ark" it would sound weird slurred as two syllables.

How many syllables in weird?

There is 1 syllable.

Who said cant get the right emphasis on the right syllable its weird?

Peter Mitchell

1 syllable words instead of ugly?

fat, poo, EW, weird, gross :)(:

Do coir carpets absorb sound?

that was weird

What are the release dates for Weird Connections - 2008 The Sound of Vomit?

Weird Connections - 2008 The Sound of Vomit was released on: USA: 11 November 2008

What sound does running downstairs make?

it makes a weird sound, thats all i have to say

Does it sound weird if you compare a cloud to a white mound?


Why do panda cubs sound weird?

because they are wierd.

What sound does Houndour the Pokemon make?

a weird noise

What did Richelieu and Mazarin have in common?

They both sound weird